Why need Connect Server, Why not directly to 1Password Server

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Recently I used 1password secret automation service, and use docker to build "Connect Server" in my server

my question is: I can't understand why 1password secret automation need "Connect Server", It looks unnecessary because 1password-cli is directly connect to 1Password server, Is anyone know why or can give some idea for discuss?


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  • jpmat296jpmat296 Junior Member
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    I have exactly the same question. Why a wrapper of 1Password CLI is not sufficient ? What are the benefits of Connect Server ?

    Someone to help please ?


  • Joris_1PJoris_1P

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    That's a very understandable question! There are multiple reason why we introduced Connect:

    • Your data on the 1Password server is encrypted. Decrypting that is a pretty complicated process. Because Connect is hosted in your own infrastructure, it can handle decryption for us and provide a much simpler API. This makes it very easy to develop new integrations for Connect. You can even directly cURL to it without having to handle any encryption!
    • Connect maintains an (encrypted) copy of the vaults it has access to. This means that it will always be able to serve items, even if the 1Password servers cannot be reached.
    • Because Connect lives close to the applications that use it, the performance of operations is generally better.


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