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Can I move a Vault from one account to another account?

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Hi! This is my problem: I have a personal account with 1Password. One day I started working in a company with no Password Manager Culture. So I decided to use my own 1Password to store the credentials. To prevent mixing things up, I created a dedicated Vault for that. Then, yesterday, the company bought a 1Password company license (or whatever it is called) and I would like to move the vault I created for them in my personal account to the company one. Is this possible?

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  • SavanniSavanni

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    Hi, @AlexSola. We don't have a way to move an entire vault, but there is a workaround.

    You can create a new vault in your new account. If you have both accounts unlocked and open in the 1Password GUI client, both vaults will appear in the sidebar and you can drag your items from one vault onto the new one. I would show you a screenshot, but gnome-screenshot seems unable to capture a drag in progress.

  • AlexSolaAlexSola
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    Hi @Savanni ! I share the pain of Gnome limitations. Thanks a lot. I understand the workaround will try and will let you know the result.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

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    Thanks @AlexSola, we'll look forward to hearing how it goes!

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