Connect API - failed to GetFileWithUUID

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I was trying to download all the documents of a particular vault using the golang sdk, I noticed that a few files were not downloaded and when I checked the docker logs for the connect API service I saw the error

log_message":"(W) Server: (failed to GetFileWithUUID), attempting to decrypt message with KID using KID , client used wrong Key","timestamp":"2022-02-21T07:23:18.570941261Z

I'm using the method client.GetFileContent() to get the file content

I also saw a old post for the cli : , I think it might be the same issue, I re-uploaded the file and the issue was solved but Is there a way I can gracefully handle this in code without the need to re-upload the file?

1Password Version: gosdk-v1.2.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS


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    Hi @ameet,

    Thank you for reporting this issue! I agree that this is not ideal. There are indeed some resemblances between this problem and the older post (thank you for digging that up!). That specific issue should have been fixed, but it is possible that there is a similar issue with older documents. Do you know if it indeed was an older (more than 2 years) document?

    I am also digging into the code that throws this error. It does give some hints at what is going on, but I cannot yet fully explain it. Do you know if the error message that you shared was the exact message in the logs or is it possible that there were one or more KID's (e.g. 2itaw4xynh7solp773eepy775q) mentioned as well?


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