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I noticed that the password field returns the history of the password (the following password values are, obviously, fictitious)

            "id": "password",
            "type": "CONCEALED",
            "purpose": "PASSWORD",
            "label": "password",
            "value": "kdsjlasj",
            "entropy": 317.9739685058594,
            "passwordDetails": {
                "entropy": 317,
                "generated": true,
                "strength": "FANTASTIC",
                "history": [

However, it would be very useful for auditing purposes if we could monitor the exact times _when _ the password was changed through the API.

This information is available in the GUI, but I can't seem to find an API endpoint that exposes this information.

I'm running 1Password Connect API version 1.5.0, is there an endpoint that can give us that information? If not, is this something that could come in a future version?

Kind regards,

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  • Joris_1PJoris_1P

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    Hi Matthias,

    Thank you for reaching out and sharing your idea! Currently, this information is indeed not available through the Connect API. However, I agree that it makes sense to have this information for auditing purposes, so I am going to record this as a feature request.


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