Features Request: Create Masked Email as separate item

I'd like to have "Create Masked Email" using the "New item" button. Why?
There are sites, for example this very community, where the 1Password button is not displayed in form fields, in my case it was not visible in the "Change Email" dialog.
Being able to still generate a masked email would be very hand, because otherwise the workflow would be:

  • open Fastmail.com
  • go to settings
  • create masked email
  • add note where the masked email was used
  • copy the email to the clipboard
  • click "Save"
  • paste it on the site

So this feature would save a lot of clicks

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  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @Manaburner, thanks for this suggestion. I take your point about the alternative workflow!

    I have passed this on to our development team as a feature request, on your behalf. Thanks again for showing us the potential for benefit that you see here - and we hope to keep impressing you!

    ref: IDEA-I-449

  • jswright61jswright61 Junior Member
    Community Member

    I would like to +1 this request.
    There are many sites with an email field on a form on which I see the 1Password icon, but clicking it does not give me the option to create a masked email - the ability to quickly create one would be very helpful.

  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hello @jswright61 👋.. I'm more than happy to add a vote on your behalf for this feature, and have now done so. Thanks for letting us know where you think we can improve the functionality for you. And if there's anything else we can do, let us know!

  • KyleRuderKyleRuder
    Community Member

    Tagging along to also +1 this! I would love to be able to create a new Masked Email from the Mac App without having to go through an account signup workflow.

  • chris55chris55
    Community Member


  • PeterG_1PPeterG_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @KyleRuder and @chris55, it's my pleasure to add votes on your behalf for this feature request. Thanks for letting us know this is something you'd like us to develop. 🙏

  • julianwilliamsjulianwilliams
    Community Member

    +1 for me too. Glad I came here first before I posted a repeat feature request. Basically would be great to be able to generate a masked email as simply as generating a password for those very cases where Masked Email isn't an option.

    On a side note, not sure if it is just the way some sites are built and 1Password can't detect the fields correctly, but in lots of cases the 1Password icon appears in the field but does nothing, it would be nice if clicking on that icon also invoked Generate Masked email and even Generate Password.

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