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We've just bought into 1Password and created a Team for the IT dept. I've deployed the app and config using Intune to a variety of devices and have a couple of issues.
On my Android device (S10e OS: 12) with work profiles the app doesn't seem have access to the device biometrics.
It works fine installed in the Personal profile for the browser in the Personal profile but I can't control what's installed there.
It doesn't work for the Work profile browsers when installed in the Work profile.
On my full Managed Android device (S10 OS: 12) the app works perfectly except it will only use fingerprints and not facial recognition. I don't know if this is a device issue as it's old, but facial recognition is set up and the OS is up to date.


  • Hello @gavrc thanks for joining us on the community forum!

    To use Fingerprint Unlock with 1Password on your work profile:
    1. Open your Settings app, then go to Biometrics and Security > "Work profile security".
    2. Tap Advanced > Fingerprint, then follow the prompts to add your fingerprint.
    3. Open and unlock 1Password.
    4. Tap Settings> Security, then tap to turn on Fingerprint Unlock.
    5. Place your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

    If there's an issue finding the Work profile security setting menu you can try searching for it instead.

    As for Face Unlock, we have certain requirements for Face Unlock with 1Password. 1Password requires devices to use Google's native Biometric framework as well as use strong encryption. Many devices have some sort of face unlock, but they don't support Google's native Biometric framework. Even when it is supported, some of them don't support strong encryption. Currently, this support is limited to the Pixel 4, Pixel 4XL and a few other select devices.

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    Sorted. Thanks Tim.

  • Hello @gavrc thanks for the update! I'm glad you got that sorted. Let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

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