There is a way to get API Key to use with my personal account?

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I want to test 1Password Operator in my personal Kubernetes cluster, but Whenever I try to get an API Key I receive the following error:

There was an issue while creating the integration. If this continues, please contact 1Password support.
An unexpected error occurred.

ServerError: 400
Session: <redacted>
Time: 2022-03-17T13:54:29.138Z

And when I try to create a server from CLI (v2), the error is this:

❯ op connect server create personal --account --vaults Private
[ERROR] 2022/03/17 10:59:02 (403) Forbidden: You aren't authorized to access this resource.

What am I doing wrong? Personal accounts can’t use Secrets Automation? Is it a billing issue?

Thanks in advance!

1Password Version: 8.6.0
Extension Version: 2.3.0
OS Version: macOS 12.1


  • Joris_1PJoris_1P

    Team Member


    Sorry for the late response. When you reached out, we had an issue that prevented some of our users to create a new Connect server. This issue should have been resolved. Could you try again to see if it does work now?

    Using the CLI command, you were seeing a different error because Connect cannot be used with private vaults. We are working on improving the feedback provided when running the command on a private vault.


  • igorbritesigorbrites
    Community Member

    Hello there @Joris_1P!

    Sorry for the late response too 😬. I can confirm that it's working now, thanks for the answer!

    Igor Brites

  • Joris_1PJoris_1P

    Team Member

    That's good to hear!

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