Chrome Version 99.0.4844.74 won't verify (1Password 6 / Extension Version



  • chriskirkchriskirk
    Community Member

    Hi, Reached out to [email protected]
    Bot id . [#SWA-75454-893]

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @chriskirk:

    Thanks for posting your Support ID. It looks like one of my colleagues has replied to you recently. Please keep an eye out for their response. Thanks!


    ref: SWA-75454-893

  • speedjoespeedjoe
    Community Member
    edited May 10

    It is really sad that you are not addressing the actual issue here @Lars or @Jack.P_1P.

    THAT is; if you really intend to HELP your customers that came onboard and trusted you from the beginning. Till you started asking for subscriptions to sustain.

    We understand that you cannot keep supporting a product that is 5 years old forever for free, considering the compensation for Support or Software engineers.

    However, the least you can do is any one of these options,

    1. Either open-source the Chrome extension and have someone else take care of it
    2. Allow us to set up some Chrome policies or settings to avoid this code signature check (I am guessing this would be frowned upon by InfoSec) or provide a workaround for the Chrome Integration by any technical means necessary (at the customer side; reducing engineering effort at Agilebits).
    3. Asking for additional support fees for keeping 1Password 6 afloat on a per-need basis as opposed to locking us (even your older customers) into yet another payment cycle.

    Thanks for all the previous updates to 1Password 6.

  • garybadergarybader
    Community Member

    Hi - I switched to Firefox. While not quite as smooth as Chrome, it works fine and more importantly is compatible with 1password 6. Firefox also has some nice synchronization features that Chrome doesn't have.

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