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I've been using the CLI 2.0 in a bunch of tests lately and I've run into being rate limited. I've been unable to find any information on what the limits actually are.

Can you provide me with the limit documentation?

Thank you.

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  • Horia.Culea_1PHoria.Culea_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @kormoc!

    Thank you for reaching out to us!
    Currently, we do not document our rate-limits. However, they are set high enough to make sure that nobody would run into them through regular usage. Can you provide some more details about your use-case, and about what your tests try to achieve? Maybe we can find a way to get to your desired outcome without hitting the rate limits.

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  • kormockormoc
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    I was working on building a script that mirrors my 1Password data into a passwordstore local vault. This is for disaster recovery, as without local vaults, I no longer have a way to backup my data and be sure that it's available. I understand AgileBits position is that backups are not necessary, however I'm not willing to put all my eggs in a single basket that I don't control.

    The script walks every vault, item, document, etc and diffs against the stored versions and updates them on modifications. I was running with 16 thread concurrency, which I presume is why I hit the rate limiter? I'll reduce the concurrency and see if that fixes the issue.

    I am using the --cache argument with the cli commands.

    Thank you.

  • Juarez2508Juarez2508
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    I have the same situation, I've created a script to create a local backup of our secrets and also the script walks every item.
    I'm figuring out to add a wait command between each amount of exported secrets.

  • simon_1Psimon_1P

    Team Member

    Hi folks, thanks for reaching out with this feature request! I'd love to understand a bit better your use case and requirements for disaster recovery.

    Would hosting a 1Password Connect server in your own infrastructure, that has all your (encrypted) secrets backed up be a good solution for you? The 1Password Connect server will continue to operate even when cannot be reached and since you host in in your own infrastructure you are in full control over it.

    Looking forward to learn more about your use case!

  • kormockormoc
    Community Member

    I believe Connect server doesn't have access to personal vaults, which leaves a hole in using it for any backup strategy. I've requested a feature to allow sharing of personal values in the past, and if that was implemented, connect server would be something to consider, but without the ability to have access to all my credentials, I don't feel it's a valid solution to the lack of local, offline backups

  • kormockormoc
    Community Member

    One other note, connect server doesn't work with family plans, just team/business plans. I'm not willing to pay an extra $3/user/month just to backup my secrets locally.

  • Justin.Yoon_1PJustin.Yoon_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @kormoc ,

    I'm interested in why you are hitting a rate limiter even with the --cache flag enabled. Which platform are you on? If you are on Windows, the Windows client does not actually have a cache, and will hit the server to retrieve items every time.

    Also, in your script, are you specifying the --vault flag when retrieving items? This can help reduce the number of API calls made on cache misses.

  • simon_1Psimon_1P

    Team Member

    @kormoc happy to let you know that Connect is also available on family and individual accounts. You can configure Connect via

    You are right that it is not possible to share personal vaults. This is to ensure your personal vault remains private for you only. If in your case you want to share these items with the Connect service, you could move them in another vault to which both you personally as well as the Connect server have access.

    If you run into any additional friction points, please let us know! We love learning about opportunities to improve your experience.

  • kormockormoc
    Community Member

    @simon_1P: So I'm giving this a try, and when I try to assign vaults to the access token, it's throwing an error

    You don’t have enough vault access credits to issue this token. Switch to 1Password Teams or Business to get more credits.
    This action is not permitted.
    ServerError: 403 (maximum_vault_access_credits)

    @Justin.Yoon_1P: I am on OS X, however I did notice I there's updates for the CLI. I am using the vault flag, but as I said, I was using a pretty high concurrency level, so perhaps that's why. I did lower the concurrency and so far haven't hit the same error.

  • simon_1Psimon_1P

    Team Member

    Ah, learned something new today, thank you @kormoc . Individual and family accounts have the three free vault access credits available. Upgrades towards additional vault access credits ( are available on the team and business plans.

  • simon_1Psimon_1P

    Team Member

    be sure that it's available

    I'm thinking about this some more. What kind of events are you thinking about that could make the items unavailable? I was first thinking downtime (which is historically quite rare:, but I just realized that the 1Password client apps will continue to have your items available, also in the event that cannot be reached. You can confirm this yourself by disabling your internet connection and then unlocking your vault and checking out items. Are there any other events you're concerned about?

  • kormockormoc
    Community Member

    So the clients all sync state, and there's a ton of things that could happen that could cause every client to sync and remove everything. Database failures, corruptions, being hacked, ransomware, billing issues, access issues. Sure, they're unlikely, but this is my entire digital existence in one place. It would take literally months of my time to recover, and some things will not be able to be recovered at all.

    I have no insight into your backup processes, nor does it really matter, cause at the end of the day, I need to take personal responsibility that I'm not relying on anyone else to ensure my data that I need is available.

    This wasn't a problem with local vaults, I could just back them up in a way that makes me feel safe and secure.

    But now we have the cloud. I can't control the cloud, and the app no longer makes backup records that are restorable.

    So I'm left with needing to store a mirrored copy of the data in some other format I trust won't be impacted by the same catastrophic event that broke my 1p usage.

    Self hosted is certainly a solution. That gives me the ability to backup and restore the raw data. But that doesn't exist right now.

    Connect might be an option, but it's a lot of money (as I have too many vaults) for something that should be a basic feature (offsite backups). It also won't backup personal/private vaults, so my other family members aren't protected.

  • simon_1Psimon_1P

    Team Member

    Thank you @kormoc for taking the time to so clearly describe what it is you need. I'll make sure to track this request in our internal issue tracker.

    For the time being and your immediate needs, did the following work for you?

    I was running with 16 thread concurrency, which I presume is why I hit the rate limiter? I'll reduce the concurrency and see if that fixes the issue.

  • kormockormoc
    Community Member

    Yes, reducing the concurrency and updating to the latest CLI version has seemed to have mitigated the issue.

    Thank you for adding the feature request.

  • kovpackkovpack
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    I have a similar problem and got this (429) Too Many Requests: Too many requests. Your client has been rate-limited. when trying to get details of each item. It's not documented anywhere (at least I was not able to find the documentation).

    Before fetching each item separately, I listed them all with --cache option. Then started getting details of each item (making a 2-seconds pause between each request just to be safe). Someone on the forum told me some time ago, that this should not make a real call (thus be rate-limited), but this does not seem to be true at all. In CLI 1 the information I need now was available in a list command, but now in CLI 2 I have to make a separate request per item to get the username, password, and URL for a LOGIN item. Basically, upgrading to CLI 2 broke a lot of things for us and made 1password less useful and more expensive.

    Once a day I need to make a copy of 1password vaults, users, items & their permissions (we use this data internally and build some monitors and overview dashboards of permissions, which is not possible with the web UI at all). This is fine, as all the information can be fetched with a few list calls and a few dozens of calls when iterating over entities.

    But we also need extra data (username, password & URL) to track item duplicates, password change/rotation dates, etc. Though, this will be around 800 requests more (maybe, even more in the future).

    Setting up a Connect Server for us means +$300 to our monthly bills, which are already pretty high for a company of almost 150 employees (currently on a Business plan). Our InfoSec says, "you already did more for 1password, than 1password did for you", so we may soon consider alternatives.

    If rate limits would be documented, this will at least give us enough information to make a daily sync possible not violating rate limits, and will give us the benefits we had before the CLI 2 release. Yes, this sync will take ages, but at least it will not decrease the value of 1password that much.

  • kovpackkovpack
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    Oh, come on...

    I've just tested the rate limit.

    • Total requests made until rate-limiting: 410 requests
    • Time: 17 minutes (all requests were equally distributed, meaning around 24 requests per minute).

    The second test showed the same numbers. Making requests faster will lead to faster blocking.

    And Your client has been rate-limited means you are temporarily BLOCKED, not rate-limited. I was not able to make requests for at least 6 minutes after that error (and just decided to give up, so not sure for how long I was blocked). I still remember a case when I got blocked for 40 minutes.

    This means that with the current CLI v2 we are not able to rebuild the functionality we need (and we had with CLI v1).

    Not cool, not cool :(

  • kovpackkovpack
    Community Member

    OK, decided to test a Connect Server. And got disappointed again :(

    The first problem:

    • I can't even test a Docker container on M1 (it simply does not work). I suppose this problem was not addressed. 1 year has already passed.

    Bunch of other problems:

    • Connect Server API is very limited and does not provide all the info we need

      • which means we'll have to use both the Connect Server & CLI app to get all the information we need
      • which also means we'll have to maintain 2 servers now
    • as you have extremely low request rates (which are not even documented)

      • this means even if we use CLI, sooner or later we'll hit limits even when getting permissions for our vaults or access rights for users (based on things I've seen above - this will happen very soon, as the number of vaults grows over time)
  • andi.t_1Pandi.t_1P

    Team Member
    edited July 26

    Thank you for the feedback @kovpack. In our latest version (2.6.0) we have enabled caching by default as well as brought some improvements to the caching functionality. In the near future, multiple types of commands such as create/edit/delete are to use the cache therefore reducing the server load in order to avoid these rate limits. We are investing effort in batching the requests for secret retrieval which should decrease the server load even further. Finally, you can keep an eye on or even try out our new Service Accounts ( ) which are meant to be a nice alternative to Connect. Feel free to leave feedback regarding SA as well!

    In the meantime, I will look into rate limiting documentation!

    All the best,

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