Is there a way to create a Hard Copy Backup?

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I backup my vault daily. Is there a way to create a Hard Copy Backup of my Vault?

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  • Hi @dpreston:

    Generally speaking we'd recommend against printing out copies of your passwords. This is because that while your data is encrypted inside of 1Password, printing it out on a piece of paper means that at least for the paper copy, it's no longer encrypted or secured. Additionally, if you make any changes, your printed copy will then be out of date.

    Additionally, just to confirm, are you currently using 1Password 4 for Windows? 1Password 4 for Windows was last updated more than 4 years ago, and as 1Password is a security product, we strongly recommend keeping it up to date. Let me know which version of 1Password you're using, and I can dig in further with you!


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