Tag list and/or autocomplete suggestions in "Save new item" popup

Please make it easier for me to pick existing tags with this browser popup, ideally with a dropdown list and autocomplete suggestions while I'm typing. It reduces the chance from duplicate tags whether due to typos (wrok vs. work), synonyms (work vs. job), case (Work vs. work), or anything else.
I don't use tags very often, so it's hard for me to remember exactly what tags I've already created, and I inevitably have to edit the new item after creating it just to fix the tags.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.3.2
OS Version: Win10


  • paul.m_1p
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    Hey @nukmicah! Thanks for the feedback on this. 🙂

    Sorry for any inconvenience cause with having to alter your items after saving them. I completely get where you're coming from on this, and agree that this functionality would be quite useful. We already have an internal feature request open that addresses this, so I'll go ahead and add your vote in its support.


  • timjo
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    @paul.m_1p I would appreciate this feature also. It would prevent double handling when I add temporary tag and then use the 1PW8 app to add the correct tag(s) to the item.

  • zearPOT12
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    Hello, I am just adding my .02c to this request. For reference I am running 1Password for Windows 8.9.5. As someone who has many, many different items in 1Password with many different tag structures this would be very helpful. The need for this feature rises especially when you start getting into nested tags for your items. Since there is no auto-complete or checking, the system will create whatever you type in which for me results in the creation of duplicate tags (some even have the same spelling/spacing etc which doesn't make sense). This can be frustrating because there is no way to then right-click a group of items and bulk-edit the tags (which is another feature that would be fantastic) to fix your mistake. If I am creating an item from the browser I will normally just create it without the tags then go into the desktop app and add them later. If I have duplicate tags or nested tags I will normally right-click >> rename tag to something different, then right-click >> rename tag back to the name of the original tag - that seems to wake up the system and it then merges the items under each dupe tag into the same tag group, if that makes sense. Thanks!

  • schwanne
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    I would like to echo this request. As a recent new user coming from LastPass, the lack of suggestions/autocomplete from existing tags has been one of the more frustrating transitions.

  • bartek1password
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    Add my vote...I agree with what was said above by others.

  • Hey @zearPOT12, @schwanne, @bartek1password,

    I have added your feedback, thank you!

    ref: PB-29889416

  • rosey99
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    edited January 23

    I came to the forum for this exact reason. Auto-fill or a pickable list of tags would be a huge plus when editing a password or other items via Chrome.

  • Thank you for your feedback @rosey99, I have passed it on.

    ref: PB-30486900

  • kfoesenek
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    We are considering migrating from LastPass to 1Password, but there are 2 things that are holding us back. They basically come down to the same thing: the fact that there is no folder structure and the fact that the tag system is so user-unfriendly and prone to errors. Should the above suggestions be implemented, that would probably work for us to replace our current folder structure, but at this point it's really holding us back.

  • Hey @kfoesenek,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    Can you provide me with some more information on what you are referring to when you say there is no folder structure? You can create separate vaults to categorize your items and although I agree that assigning a tag isn't very intuitive when saving an item in your browser, within the 1Password desktop app you can assign tags to items by editing the item and adding a tag and this will auto suggest a tag when you start typing. In addition, you can highlight multiple items and drag and drop them to a tag to assign it to multiple items at once.

    I'd love to understand a little more about your workflow and how we can improve 1Password to suit your use case so I can pass this information on to our product team for consideration.

    Thank you!

  • kfoesenek
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    @steph.giles thank you for your quick reply. I have been testing mainly in the browser extension and a bit in the desktop app. I just started with a fresh account without tags, and found that when I had created a tag, I couldn't select that tag for a new item, I had to re-type it. Then I started looking for information online and came across this discussion, which summed up exactly what I meant.

    Having read your reply, I'm trying it again and notice that both in the browser extension and in the desktop app, I do see existing tags that I can select. I don't know why I could't see it before. That makes a huge difference already!

    Regarding the folder structure: it's just what we were used to in LastPass. There we created a separate folder for each client, with all accounts related to one client in one folder. And then they were also grouped into folders of various types of clients. I guess we would be able to achieve this using vaults and tags, but it might be just a bit too farfetched.

    Having read some more, I notice a lot of people rely on the search functionality and I guess we just have to re-invent how we structure all our data. It doesn't necessarily have to be the same way we did it before. I guess we're just so used to working with folders (in Windows explorer, Google Drive etc. that we were surprised that we couldn't use it here.

    We plan to do some more testing in the next few days before making our final decision.

  • Hey @kfoesenek,

    Thank you for getting back to us.

    Let us know how you get on with your testing and if there is anything we can help with or talk you through!

  • Thorz
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    I am a new user too as others that have posted above.

    I have invested a lot of time to convert the folder based structure that I had on my previous password manager into tags and everything works great when I am using the desktop client. During my trial I was always told that 1Password could do with tags everything other password managers could do with folders, and I can agree with this when using the desktop client.

    The problem arises when I have to use the Chrome browser extension. As far as I can see it is impossible from there to see your list of tags as you can from the 1P desktop client. This makes extremely difficult to locate specific content in the extension, and when you have over 800 entries in your vault with more than 150 tags the whole process becomes very frustrating.

    Trying to locate a specific entry using the search field on the extension is extremely hard when you cannot filter by tag, so searching for "work" gives results with every single entry that contains the word "work" on it, not only the items tagged with "work".

    I have previously read user answers on some threads about the limited tag support on the browser extension where they basically say this to new users: "You have to learn to use 1Password the way 1Password works. The browser extensions are there just to be used sporadically, you should instead use the desktop clients most of the time. If you cannot adapt to the way 1P works you should move on to another password manager". I think these answers are unkind with new users, specially when not everyone can use the desktop client everywhere. In my situation I am not able to install the desktop client on my work PC due to work policy restrictions, and using 1Password only via the Chrome extension at work is extremely frustrating because of this.

  • Joy_1P
    1Password Alumni

    Hey @thorz, I can definitely understand your frustration, especially since you are unable to download the 1Password desktop app due to work policy restrictions. I do see that you opened a separate thread about this, and I've replied to you there: https://1password.community/discussion/comment/683415/#Comment_683415.

    Let's keep the conversation going in one thread. If you have any questions or would like to share more feedback, please reply in your thread through the link above.

  • PHarrison
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    I would like to echo the need for auto-fill or a tag dropdown list. We’re just moving from KeePass files and missing the folder structure badly, but tags would go some way to alleviating our suffering. Although ultimately I think 1Password should just get on with implementing folders, it would not be difficult and would not preclude the use of tags, so why not do it for those of us who need it.

  • Hey @PHarrison,

    I have passed on your request to the team for consideration.

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback and suggest ways in which we can improve your experience with 1Password.

    ref: PB36435997