Blurry (not anti-aliased) custom icons


So, I tried to use 1Password 7 again for the ability to move sections up and down (not available yet on 1Password 8). But then I noticed that all my custom icons are blurry, jagged, like not properly anti aliased. My display is 24 inch 1080p, so not exactly retina. Any way I can fix that?

Thank you.

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  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @AganArya007:

    That doesn't sound quite right. Are your custom icons blurry if you check, or are they only blurry in 1Password 7? Let me know, and I can dig in further with you.


  • AganArya007AganArya007
    Community Member

    Hi, so it is only blurry on 1P7 on Windows. Not on Mac, though. Like they are sharp but they are not anti aliased (really jagged)

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    Hi @AganArya007,

    That might be because the 1Password 7 for Windows app uses the smaller version of the Rich Icons instead of downscaling that macOS may be doing with larger image assets. Also, we prioritize font text sharpness (aliasing) when we build the app and this has an impact on the small images when using it on the non-HiDPI screens that makes it a bit more blurrier than usual. This isn't something we can fix for 1Password 7 though.

    This should be better in 1Password 8 for Windows.

    However, just to make sure this isn't something else, can you confirm everything else looks okay, it's just the rich icons that are not sharp? You could try rebooting, sometime, it gets the wrong DPI information if you have switched between displays or disconnect external monitor.

  • AganArya007AganArya007
    Community Member

    Ah, now that you have explained the technical side of it, I guess it all finally makes sense.
    And yes, it's not something else. It's exactly as what you described.

    Thank you very much for the answer!

  • MikeTMikeT Agile Samurai

    Team Member

    You're welcome!

    We'll get that field/section reordering support to you in 1Password 8 as soon as possible.

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