The future of local/standalone vaults



  • skramskram
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    My passwords are something I really care about, that is why I don't sync them in any clouds. It was your business decision to move to a cloud and subscription model. It was your decision to move away from local storage.

    But sorry, I am not convinced and your above essay does not change my mind. I will not store my password in any cloud. So for me, this year is the last, and I will cancel family account, once I migrated everyone over to my private solution. There are at least solutions out there, which are OpenSource, enabling self-hosting, multi-device sync und last but not least privacy without clouds.

    1Password 3 was my first version. It's sad but without local storage, it's time to say goodbye.

  • kongwykongwy
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    edited December 1

    It is my first (and maybe the last) time publishing comments in this forum.

    I've been using 1Password since 2015 and experienced every history you mentioned in the post. Back then, there weren't so many password management options in the market. The top reason I chose 1Password over any other alternatives without hesitation is the ability to take control of my sensitive data instead of relying on a provider's server.

    Even now, the fantastic quality, design and experiences of 1Password clients offered over all platforms are still unbeatable and attracting me. However, my password matters to me. If taking away standalone vaults is your team's final decision, I'll have to make the sad but necessary decision to say goodbye.

    PS. What will happen to 1Password 7? As your team limits the browser support to identified ones only, whenever I switched to a new browser I have to wait for 1Password to support it. Now I'm switching to Orion - which supports both Chromium-based and firefox extensions - and it happened again. Can you at least do us a favour to add that identify support, so I can have some more sweet time with 1Password 7?

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