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Hi there,

In 1Password 7, when I search for an item in my vaults, the results come up as I type, which is great. In 1Password 8, I have to tap on “show all matching items” to see the results and I think it is not very intuitive. Why is this necessary?

Sometimes (e.g. on iPhone) NO RESULTS are shown at all and I’ll need to tap on “show all matching items” to see what I’m looking for or (e.g. on iPad) only a few items show up, even though the column has plenty of space for them to be there without double action.

I hope you can look into this.

Thank you!

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  • viswizviswiz
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    the new search is really annoying in many ways. It was reported by several users nearly from the very first versions of the early access desktop versions and now it's part of the iOS version as well. AgileBits is 'evaluating' the situation but already stating that they don't intend to bring back the superior search experience of the 1PW 7.

  • 1Passerby1Passerby
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    Hi viswiz,

    What a pity…it takes more time now to search for items than it used to…and by limiting (or completely hiding) the search result as I’ve described above, the flow is disrupted.

    I could live with a “not-as-you-type” search experience, but I don’t understand the “show all matching items” logic. Hopefully it’s just work in progress.

    Fingers crossed!

  • BikrBikr
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    To piggy-back a related question:

    • When 1Password is launched from the iOS keyboard, will ALL items be available or only "Login" entries?

    I'm not daring enough to try the beta but 1Password 7 was a pain for WiFi passwords because it only shows Login entries and not Wireless Router entries.

    As a workaround, I've duplicated all my Wireless Router entries as Logins, but I'm hoping 1Password 8 allows you to browse & search for all types, not just Logins when it's invoked from the iOS keyboard.

  • 1Passerby1Passerby
    Community Member

    Hi @Bikr I just tested and all items are visible, including the networks.

    The search function is still limited though (as per my initial post here), even after many betas…

  • 3xp0n3nt3xp0n3nt
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    Please fix the broken search function. Broken because it violates the standard ux practice that pressing enter executes a search. Actually, what it does now is go to the specific highlighted item - the first search result - similar to Google's "I'm feeling lucky" button. When I press enter on a search I want to see search results - I don't "feel lucky". This keeps biting me. Please fix the search ux so it's industry standard, thanks!

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