No menu bar window on 1Password 8 for Mac

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With 1Password 7, when I clicked the menu bar icon, it would pop-up a window without launching the main app. But now, this seems to be gone. We now have Show a Menu, Show Quick Access and Show main menu.

Was the mini-window removed from v8? What was the reason for this? Is there a way to bring it back?

1Password Version: 80700098
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


  • Hello @Bittabola! 👋

    Quick Access is the new way to access your items quickly using 1Password 8. By pressing Shift-Command-Space on your keyboard, you'll immediately have access to all of your items in any app:


    You can read more about Quick Access here: Get to know Quick Access

    I hope that helps. 😊

  • crackingtoast
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    You can't paste in Quick access. So if you have an email address or number on your clipboard that you want to search in 1P it does not work.

  • ddougan
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    I just tried this and I am able to paste in the Quick Access window (MBP; Mac OS 12.5).

  • Hi @crackingtoast,

    Sorry to hear Quick Access isn't behaving as expected, could I confirm that pasting works elsewhere on your device? I'm also unable to recreate the issue so any other details you can provide to help us figure out what's going on would be appreciated! Thanks for jumping in @ddougan, very much appreciated. 💙


    Is there any particular function that isn't working as you'd expect? If you're able to share some more details about what you're finding more time consuming, I'd love to help!

  • mazdah
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    @AMonitorDarkly paints it perfectly. There's much to love about 1Password v8 for Mac, but I miss the mini-window for brain-free, quick referencing, sometimes multiple times per session (depending on the work).

  • I'll close this discussion since it's rather old now but thank you all for sharing your thoughts. I've passed along everyone's feedback to the team. 🙂


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