Some trouble syncing

I have been trying to sync for three hours 1Password file, in DROPBOX, with my mini iPad and iPhone5. I have been through all the steps……5 times, and still get the message……"Problem loading 1Password data file...A key data file could not be loaded, etc, etc, etc"
I have allowed the sync to complete each time, yet, no change in message. In fact, when opting to highlight the link to find out where the problem lies, it will not take me anywhere…..I deleted the 1Password folder from the devices, and re-installed them…… still the same message.


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    Hi @alekdiaz,

    I'm sorry about the frustrations you're having with 1Password. We'd love to help you fix this.

    1. What version of 1Password are you using on each of your iOS devices? Please let me know based on this image:

    2. Also, are you syncing with 1Password on your Mac and/or PC?

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