Face ID is not working.

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Face ID is not working in beta. Is ETH is a keychain issue bc I can seem to get it to work after doing the Face ID set up & reinstall & deauthorized the app


  • AustriaXXLAustriaXXL
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    I had the same problem - meanwhile, after reinstalling the app, faceID is working again.
    Version 8.8.0 (80800019)

  • SmigitSmigit
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    Yeah, I’ve also had issues with FaceID specifically when using AutoFill. I don’t like the need to manually reauth the Safari extension but also don’t want it unlocked for extended periods, so in light of the extension not allowing FaceID I always use AutoFill instead. The 8 beta pretty much always fails to trigger FaceID properly for me when I go to fill credentials which then either forces me to log in manually or to click the FaceID button to deactivate FaceID. I’ve tried reinstalling, rebooting etc.

    For now I’m running 7 and 8 together and using version 7 for AutoFill and 8 for any manual edits etc, as 7 is working fine with Auto Fill + FaceID.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    I have not yet made 8 my daily driver. It's almost there, but needs a bit more TLC. Sorry for the trouble folks We'll keep investigating and tweaking things. Hopefully things will clam down in a beta or two. I say that half expect @MrRooni to pop in with a post saying nah we fixed that last night, you should check for updates. He's been doing that to me here lately. lol

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