(HTTP Auth Prompt)

To login the ADP website ( you must enter your credentials in a drop down dialog box (I'm not sure what the name is for the type of box). On my iPhone, it works just fine in the 1browser. On my Mac, the browser extension button gets greyed out when the box appears, so you can't (easily) use 1password to enter the credentials. Am I doing this wrong? Is there no way to enter the credentials into the box from 1password?


  • khadkhad Social Choreographer

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    Some websites do not ask for your username and password directly in the web page itself. Instead they use HTTP Authentication (also called “basic access authentication”) which causes your browser to slide in a window asking you to login.

    At this time the browser extension APIs do not allow 1Password to fill these prompts directly. You will need to copy and paste your Login details from the main 1Password application.

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