Android: Option to open browser when clicking URL in 1Password login entry

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Clicking a URL in the app opens 1Browser, which if you read other threads in this forum does not seem to be recommended or well supported in many cases. Therefore, may you provide an option to open that URL in a regular browser instead? Just like when I click a URL in an email in my Outlook app, you can open the system pop-up asking me whether to open the link in Chrome, Vivaldi, Microsoft Edge, or one of the other browsers I have installed.


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    Hello @nukmicah thanks for your question!

    In 1Password 7 for Android, you can open your default browser instead of 1Browser. In your item, long press the URL then tap "Open..." in the dialogue box that opens. After tapping "Open..." your default browser will open to the saved website. If you don't have a default browser set, you should be presented with a list of installed browsers instead.

    In 1Password 8 for Android you can tap the saved URL then tap "Open" to open the website to your browser. If you're interested in testing the early access of 1Password 8 for Android, you can download the app here:

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