Delete one of two app files -- (ver 8) and 1Password

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I am running, which reports itself as version 8.7.0. I am not sure why 1Password is still on my Mac. Can I delete it, using AppCleaner, which will remove all files related to 1Passport 7?

Thanks, wise person.

1Password Version: 8.7.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 12.4
Referrer: forum-search:1password version 8


  • Dave_1P

    Hello @Fearmore! 👋

    Just to be clear: do you see "" or If you see the latter then this would be the latest version of 1Password and the one that you want to keep. You can remove 1Password 7 although I don't recommend that you use an app cleaner, you can follow these steps instead:

    1. Quit all open web browsers.
    2. Right click on the 1Password icon in your macOS menubar and click Quit 1Password Completely (or "Quit" if that's the only option that you see).
    3. Open the Applications folder on your Mac.
    4. Drag "1Password" to the trash.
    5. Restart your Mac.

    Let me know if that helps. 😊

  • Fearmore
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    Thank you for your answer, Dave. Sorry, "1Passport" was an error. I have removed 1Passport and 1Passport appears to still be working fine. All good.

  • Thank you for the update, @fearmore. Great to know things are all set. 👍

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