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Hello everyone,

I have been using 1PW6 through my company's license for quite some time. I recently was forced to format my computer and I didn't remember to backup my old 1PW files (doh!).

It's not the end of the universe; I have some older 1Password agilekeychains that may be able to save my situation - but I can't figure out how to use them. After downloading and installing 6.8.9, I'm unable to find any menu option that allows me to Import the agilekeychain. If I were to use the "Import" option as-is, the file is greyed-out; it looks for a PIF file.

I've been googling this problem for some 40 minutes without a head; so I made an account here and am asking for help. The closest that I have come in my searches is this article, but

Thanks ahead of time!


1Password Version: 6.8.9
Extension Version: none
OS Version: Mac


  • macindigomacindigo
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    Do you have a backup of your ~/Library?

  • WFongWFong
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    edited May 31

    Hmm - no; at least I don't know exactly how to look for it. I did a search for that directory in my backup, but it's not showing anything related to 1PW.

    These are the file types that I do have that may help :

    • 1password.keys
    • ***.1password (plenty of them)
    • *.agilekeychain
    • *.agilekeychain_zip

    I am open to ideas as I'd hate to "lose" everything.


    I downloaded one such .agilekeychain_zip file, renamed to * and double-clicked it, that yields an error in 1PW 6.8.9:

    "Can't open keychain. Importing from keychains is not currently supported in vaults from 1Password accounts"

  • macindigomacindigo
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    I can't tell from your response if you have a backup of ~/Library which is your user library but apparently, there is a backup of some kind.

    You need the following folder and 2 files:

    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/

    If your backup has these 3 items, copy them into your restored machine's ~/Library and you're good to go. (Replace any existing versions that may exist on your restored computer.)

  • WFongWFong
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    Hey macindigo,

    I really appreciate your efforts. The file-paths have been helpful, but my searches haven't come up with anything directly related to what you mentioned.

    (No results)

    ~/Library/Application Support/1Password 4/


    I then searched for, "" and started to feel hopeful until I got some dead ends: == > empty == > empty folder



    I seem to have a folder called 1PW4 and within it I found these tidbits:

    • agilekeychain files for 1PW3. One of them is called, "1Password 3 2020-07-09 164045 (140 items)"
    • folder called '1 Password4.agilekeychain/' under it lies folders /config and /data
    • found folder called '1 password Backups' that contains many '1Password YYY-MM-DD**.agilekeychain_zip files

    I've even found some old 1PW4 .exe files (installation files?) but sadly, I cannot run them on Mac OS.

  • macindigomacindigo
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    What kind of backup is it that you are searching? Is it some kind of proprietary format used by your backup software or is it a folder and file structure that you can see with Finder?

    If you can use Finder to navigate the backup, use Finder to go to your user library in the backup and see what's there. Searching can be unreliable at times. The path to your user library would be: Macintosh HD/Users/[your short user account name]/Library/

    Did you migrate from a Windows PC to a Mac? Perhaps that's how the iPW4.exe file got on your Mac.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @WFong:

    I see you've reached out to us as well about this via email, so continuing the conversation there would likely be your best bet. One of my colleagues will be with you soon, please keep an eye out for an email including this: FTS-87274-891 in the subject line.


    ref: FTS-87274-891

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