Where do you set the default vault for new items?

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Currently running the beta on Mac and all new items get added to the wrong vault, and I can't find where this setting lives. Any help would be appreciated.

1Password Version: 80800104, on BETA channel
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 12.5 beta



  • snozdop
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    There isn't a setting to set a default vault to save into any longer. You choose which vault to save into when adding a new item using the vault selector next to the Save button.

    Have a read through the thread below for discussion on and reasoning for this change:


  • Hi @leefishermusic, thanks for the question. This does indeed work differently now - you choose a vault to save into. This was done partly in order to prevent accidental saving into shared vaults unintentionally, but we're taking customer feedback on the current approach too. I'll look forward to learning your experience with it.

  • Charles_Haynes
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    I would like a way to save to my shared vault by default. My partner and I both find the current default quite annoying. I can't tell you the number of times we've said "Hey, where's the password for " "It's in 1 Password." "I don't see it." "Oh, it must be in my private vault, hold on. Ok, shared. Sorry about that, stupid default." "Thanks. Yeah."

    It was amusing the first few times but it's gotten really old. I can understand why you don't want to make it the default, or even make it possible to do by accident, but could we please have a way to say "yes, I really really do want to share things by default."

  • Hey @Charles_Haynes

    I appreciate the input. Do you have any items that you do not wish to share? The reason I ask is that I have an idea which could help if you want to share everything. In that case it may make sense for you and your wife to share an individual membership. If you do have some items you want to keep private / unshared the best I can recommend for the moment is to check which vault the item is being saved into before saving it, but I can see how that can become tiresome. I'll do my best to advocate for improvements here.


  • Charles_Haynes
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    Thanks @Ben . I can see how having a single individual membership would solve the sharing problem, but it's convenient to have separate 1 Password accounts to keep track of things like different investment account logins, different bank account logins, different credit cards and so on. I can see how we could still name them differently but it's also convenient that we have our own logins. If at some time in the future we wanted to stop sharing the passwords having two memberships simplifies that.

    I appreciate your trying to figure out a solution that works for everyone.

  • BurnsFamily
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    @Ben - I want to add my voice to this conversation.

    I started using 1Password for my business, but have now added all my family members, my partner, my 2 kids and my parents. It's GREAT to have my kids have their own account, so that when it's appropriate they can truly have their own account. However for now I want any new logins that they create to be created in a specific shared vault. They each have 2 shared vault one per kid with the parents and 1 shared with all family members. I want the default to be the kid and parent. Then if needed they can move (or create and specify) that it should be shared with the full family. But right now they keep creating logins and think it's shared when it's not :(

  • @BurnsFamily

    I understand your situation. My kids (younger, do the same thing) and the older ones have now grasped the situation. I can certainly work with this while I advocate for the feature. I appreciate you sharing your use case.


    I've also added your comments to the ongoing internal discussion. Thank you for sharing them.

    ref: IDEA-I-292

  • JWStephenson
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    I too miss the default vault selection from prior versions. Maybe the best solution would be to give the user an option (in settings) to select a default vault for new items with one of those selection items being "Select at time of entry". That way those of us that share almost all of the entries can select and existing default vault, and those that don't can choose to make a vault selection at time of making the new entry.


  • ag_tommy
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    Hopefully, we can improve here. I'm sorry that has not happened. Thanks for letting us know this is important to you.

    ref: IDEA-I-292

  • GGFamily
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    Please restore the ability to set a default vault for new items. There's a lot of feedback here, and it is nearly universal that taking that feature away is wrong. It feels like the developers could be listening better to what the paying customers want. The use cases here seem to me to be very well articulated and not particularly complicated -- and I'm a software product manager myself. The advocacy is to not take away the ability to create items by default in a private vault if that's what some users prefer, even though from this forum those users appear to be a very small minority. It is to give users and administrators a choice. Personally, I've gone through the effort of setting up a family/team vault only because I can't otherwise have multiple family users use it on a single computer -- I didn't even want multiple vaults in the first place, you forced them on me. As such, I intend credentials to be be shared, and it causes genuine trouble when they're not -- and right now it is VERY easy for people to unwittingly create ones that are not. Please listen, and act. At first I appreciated all of the 1Password staff who commented here, but since it hasn't translated into developer action, that's stopped being satisfying.

  • Hi @GGFamily,

    Thanks for your reply and letting us know that you'd also like to see ability to set a default vault for new items.

    We understand this is important to you and many other customers. We're continuing to advocate for those that would like to see this feature return and I've cast a vote on your behalf so the product team is aware of your request.

    We appreciate your patience while the team looks into features like this. As always, you can keep an eye open for new updates and added features here: 1Password Releases

    ref: IDEA-I-292

  • GGFamily
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    I was a bit frustrated yesterday to hit this problem, so today I'd like to elaborate a little more on how I ran into this, because I think it could lead to some possible different solutions other than to be able to specify a default vault for new items.

    What I was really trying to do when I ran into this issue is have a single shared vault, shared with my wife. I've been using 1Password for quite a while, and had a personal vault (only) and personal subscription. But I wanted my wife to have equal access to that vault, including from her Windows user profile on the desktop computer that we share at home, and that didn't seem possible because 1Password installs under my own user profile, without an apparent option to install it under All Users. We definitely don't have a use case for private, unshared passwords -- a key motivation for us using a password manager is for the other person to not be in trouble if something happens to one of us. After some research, it seemed that the only way for her to have access would be for me to upgrade to a family or team plan, so I did that. When I did that, I expected that I would then just be able to grant her full access to the existing vault I've had for years. But I found that that's not the way it works. Upgrading to the family plan ended up with each of us having our own private vault, and there was no way to delete or share those. So I had to move all of the items from my personal vault to a new shared vault, then give her full access to that vault as well. Leaving us with one vault that we actually want and two vaults that will always be empty unless one of us makes the inevitable mistake of accidentally creating a new item in our private vault -- which led to me chiming in on this thread.

    So that brings us to alternate ways of solving this. The first and most straightforward from my perspective would have been to just be able to install 1Password in the All Users windows profile on our shared desktop so that we could both use the single pre-existing vault I had there. I understand that that may not work for you from a licensing/sales model perspective. If not, there are still things you could do that would allow me to have what I really want without needing the default-vault-for-new-items feature. If vaults in a family or team were just vaults, without a built-in and unchangeable notion of being either personal or shared, and all vaults could be shared or deleted without restrictions by authorized administrators, I would have what is my ideal solution: a family account where there's only one vault, that I could then share with my wife, and no other vaults such as the unwanted "Personal" ones we each have now. I'm not sure why it seems to be a good idea to force people to have a personal vault they may not want, or to make an arbitrary built-in distinction between shared and personal vault, instead of just having one kind of vault that people can either share or not as they wish. I also don't understand why there needs to be a kind of vault that can't be deleted. I can understand how it would be good to have a feature where you can't delete your only remaining vault, to avoid accidental great sadness. But I don't understand why, if my wife and I want to have just one vault, and to share it, we are prevented from making that choice.

  • Magren
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    Removing this option to change default vault really degraded the product. Please enable that setting. I estimate that 6 out of 10 passwords being saved in our organization ends up in private vaults and that doesn't work for us.
    Cheers, Marcus

  • ag_mike_d
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    Hi folks,

    Sorry for the delay and thanks for your patience. I'm sending a quick message along to let you all know you can set a default vault saving: Release notes.

    This option is now available in the latest Beta and appears under Settings > General > Default Vault. If you'd like to try this out now, you can update to the Beta channel: Use 1Password beta releases

    Please let us know how you're liking this feature!

  • attabui
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    Oh this is wonderful news! Thank you! As someone with both Family and Company accounts signed in, ensuring the correct default is set is crucial. Can't wait!

  • Hi @attabui

    We're excited to share this with you. Thank you for your interest so far, can't wait to hear your impressions.

  • jms_1p
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    I've downloaded and installed 1Password 8.9.10-9 Beta for Mac and the Default Vault setting seems to work well. Thanks for restoring this crucial 1P7 feature. I'm anxious to see this feature also restored for 1P8 iOS and iPadOS.

    On a related note, I attempted to join the iOS beta, but it seems to be closed.

  • @jms_1p

    The beta is full at this time. Checking back later (and often) would be my best suggestion.

  • sharpjs
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    Switched to beta channel after accidentally saving yet another item into a private vault by accident. Problem solved.

  • So glad to hear the changes that are in-flight are helping with your use cases. 🙌 Thanks for sharing.


  • Grumblor
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    Ignore my earlier post - It's already out of beta. Yay! 🎉

    Not being able to set a default was a major hinderance to our work flow, so I'm very relieved it's coming back!

    I'm not super keen on using beta for a key app like 1Password. Do you know when it will move into the main release?

  • No worries, @Grumblor! Many will be happy to see this feature has made it to Production! 🎉

  • likethesky
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    Looks like this has NOT been solved for MacOS yet. Is that the case? I also tried to join iOS Beta but it’s closed. Does the production version for MacOS and iOS now support default vaults again?

  • @likethesky

    For macOS the feature is available within 1Password > Settings > General.

    The iOS beta is full. Keep checking often the open spots go very quick. The iOS production version does not have the functionality at this time. We hope to bring that to you in a future update.

  • likethesky
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    Okay. Thanks. Luckily we still have 1Password 7 installed, so I’ll leave that in place while awaiting the feature for iOS in 8.

  • Thank you for letting us know this is important to you, @likethesky. We'll look forward to sharing the news once this feature is in place on iOS!

  • DoubleJ
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    Also looking forward to this feature being restored!

  • PDarb
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    My 5c worth is same as Charles and others. So frustrating to be sure that you have saved/shared a password only to find out that it’s in the ‘wrong vault’. Would love to be able to set ‘Shared’ as the default again. Cheers. Philip.

  • askaem
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    Please restore this feature - my wife is not the most tech savvy, and as most people have noted above it is a very, very common use case where sharing between family members is needed. She's gotten very frustrated when things aren't showing up for me and I need to ask her to change it to the shared vault.

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