Request: new connect helm chart release with updated operator CRDs (and version)

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I would like to request for a new connect helm chart release ( to be made. Currently the latest version does not include the latest version of the operator CRDs (these were committed on master on 2022-03-29 but the latest helm chart release (1.7.1) is from 2022-03-15). We require the updated CRD to be able to specify the kubernetes secret type.

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  • Hey @tomjo,

    Thank you for raising this. I will bring this up with my team and let you know when we release the new version of the Helm chart that includes configuring the Kubernetes secret type. 😊

    Thank you for your patience.

  • OlegDev
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    Hello @eddy_1P
    Any possible eta on the new version?

  • Hey @OlegDev,

    Great news, we've just released Connect Helm Charts v.1.8.0, which uses the latest versions of Connect and Kubernetes Operator. This also includes the latest CRD for OnePasswordItem. 🎉

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