Switch to discourse based forum for 1password.community !!!

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Generally no one talks about this as its not directly related to 1password but i feel its important as all the communication regarding everything happens here . Most organisations have already switched to discourse forum these days for its features and UI/UX in general . i could say many things which discourse forum does better but the one most important thing is that currently like & vote feature doesn't exist in this forum , Whenever someone requests any feature , users have to comment unnecessarily even if they have nothing really to tell but just want to have the same feature implemented and most importantly we users never know where are these votes even getting counted , this is a really big con tbh . Discourse has everything including likes for comments and voting for posts . Check the posts containing feature requests for plex forum here - https://forums.plex.tv/c/feature-suggestions/8 . Anyone can sort the posts with most upvotes and everyone publically knows what is most requested feature for the community , no need to spam comments with +1 and still not being able to know the most requested features . I think this would be really useful for 1password community

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    Several people (including me) already suggested this in 2019:


    Unfortunately this forum has become even worse since then: not only do I always get an unnecessary second page reload after navigating, but recently that second reload loads only a part of the sections... (requiring me to do a third, manual, reload to be able to see what I want)

    I'm close to stop giving feedback because of the terrible user experience...

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @xd003:

    Thanks for your feedback on this. Our development is driven in part by the number of people interested in a feature, or the number of people affected by a bug, but those aren't the only factors. An explicit voting system would likely lead to folks getting the wrong impression (e.g. 'feature X has 100 votes but feature Y only has 80 votes... why is feature X not being worked on while feature Y is?'). As such we don't have 'voting,' however we do certainly track customer feedback and use that to help us determine our priorities.


    I'm not able to replicate what you're seeing on my end, Would you have any details or specifics you could share? Does this occur on a new profile in your browser without any extensions?


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    No time to investigate this now, but it happens on multiple platforms:

    • Firefox on Windows 10
    • Safari on macOS Montery 12.4
    • Mobile Safari on iOS 15.5 / iPadOS 15.4
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    If you mark some forum as read with that cog wheel that appears if you move the mouse over its location, you're suddenly locked in the category of that forum and no other forums outside that category are accessible. There is no link to get the whole forum again. I found no way out except closing the browser tab and re-open it with by forum bookmark.

    I frequently visit many different forums, and I agree with what was said: in terms of usability, this forum is one of the worse forum experiences of the forums I visit.

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    I've experienced odd behaviour with this forum too. One time when I edited a comment it appeared to entirely vanish from the thread, so I submitted it again as a new comment. The next time I visited the forum my original comment became visible to me again as well as my repost comment, so I had ended up double posting. I have no idea why it happened, but it was very weird and confusing behaviour.

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    If you mark some forum as read with that cog wheel that appears if you move the mouse over its location, you're suddenly locked in the category of that forum and no other forums outside that category are accessible.

    This indeed.

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    I had assumed the behavior of being locked into a group of sub-topics was either some recent Vanilla feature, or an existing one that was triggered when 1Password added more topic groupings.

    It feels like a feature designed to reduce the amount of scrolling required to visit each of the sub-topics, on small screen devices. A few Back button taps will return the full list of topics.

    The forum double refresh thing is annoying.

    And a left swipe will go back one page, but it almost always causes a scroll to the top of a list. However, using the back arrow will usually return to the same location where you left the page.

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