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I've tried 1P8 for a month or so and I really miss the way 1P7 does autofill for things, especially for Identities, so I want to switch back to 1P7. I have 1P7.9.4 installer but I can't find the Safari extension for 1P7. Can someone point me to a link for that?


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    The extension is bundled with the app. Another download is not needed.

    1. Quit 1Password 8 and drag it to the trash. Do not use an app cleaner for this. Manually completing this step will keep your data safe.
      • Optional leave it here if you intend on trying 1Password 8 again. It can also be re downloaded later on.
    2. Double click 1Password in your Applications folder to expand it. You can then remove the zip file from the Applications folder. * If you have removed 1Password 7 it can be downloaded here. Download 1Password for Mac
    3. Open Safari > Preferences > Extensions and disable 1Password for Safari and enable the 1Password extension (likely version 7.9.4) disable 1Password for Safari
    4. Drag 1Password for Safari to the trash from the Applications folder.
      • Optional leave it here if you intend on trying 1Password 8 again. It can also be re downloaded.
    5. If you use the installer you have be sure to check for updates and install 7.9.5 when prompted.
  • hmtuckerhmtucker
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    Thank you!

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    You're most welcome.

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