Notification for changes to vault contents with secrets automation?

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Is there a mechanism to be notified when a new item is added, or when an existing item is updated or deleted in a vault. Such as an email or webhook?

I am not expecting any details per say as to what was added/changed but just something to tell me there was a change. So that my server could use that notification to trigger a fresh of its secrets from that vault when using secrets automation. Because to avoid delays when lookup up the value of secrets all current secrets and their values are cached in memory. So I need a way to trigger my server to refresh that cache and sync secrets.

A webhook that just sends an empty request to a specified URL (customizable per vault) would be ideal, but even just a simple email notification can be turned into a webhook with the use of an external service.

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  • Jillian_1PJillian_1P

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    Hi there!

    If you are using Kubernetes, our kubernetes operator ( may be able to help you as it can automate rolling restarts of services so that the newer credentials are used.

    Unfortunately, this is the only integration we have that solves this use case at this time, but I do love the idea of a webhook that can provide this information.

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