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I love the change in 1Password 8 on my iPhone to have “favorites” as a drop down vs previous builds sending you to a separate page. However it looks like the list of favorites is arbitrarily ordered and there is no way to reorder them?


  • bigsid05bigsid05
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    Another Favorites issue- looks like archived items that were marked as favorites will still show up on the favorites list even after being archived. You have to restore them, remove from favorites and then re-archive to remove them.

  • ruud3822ruud3822
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    I have the exact same problem as described above regarding archived items

  • RedskutterRedskutter Junior Member
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    I would like to add to this.

    It seems favourites is randomly sorted. Every time I close the app and reopen it they are in a different order. It would be great to have them sorted alphabetically because that is how I'm wired after years of using this feature in previous versions.

    You could consider adding an option to use a last used sort order similar to the recently/frequently categories, but I would like to see alphabetical as the default.

  • ThatGeekyDadThatGeekyDad
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    Agreed this "feature" has been annoying the last week or more. We should be able to sort each section however we want (recently created, modified, alphabetical, etc.) but seems this is being forced in some randomized order.

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

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    Hi everyone! 👋

    Favorites on the Home Screen should now be sorted by creation date, with most recently created at the top. At this point we don't have a way for users to select their preferred sort-order for Favorites (e.g. Alphabetical, Created Date, Last Used Date), but that's certainly something that could happen in a future update 😉

  • Alanxb1xAlanxb1x
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    edited August 10

    I’m going back to 7 until this is fixed.

  • thejermthejerm Junior Member
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    Hopefully, sort-order is figured out soon. Not sure how that passed any type of usability testing before release.

  • dvmierlodvmierlo
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    Favorites should be ordered in the way the user likes it. That's what Favorites are for. There is already a category Frequently Used and Recently Created. Just let the user decide how their own favourites are arranged.

  • jeffbeldenjeffbelden
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    Strongly Agree,
    Non-alphabetize favorites list is nearly worthless. Takes MUCH MORE visual searching. It’s faster to just use the “search” function typing a few characters, but that adds several steps. Nothing beats “one glance look” at an alphabetized list.

  • ag_andrewag_andrew

    Team Member

    Hey all, this is something that we've addressed and will arrive in an upcoming release. I'm not 100% sure which release yet because it will likely go through a beta cycle first, but rest assured, it's on the way.

    Thanks for the feedback, and keep it coming. We're listening 💜

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