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One Device problem with sync

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edited July 2022 in 1Password 3 – 7 for Mac

MBP Mid 2012 / High Sierra / 1Password v. 6.8.9 (...001)
iPhone 11 pro max / iOS 15.5 / 1Password v. 7.6
iPad 5th Gen. OS 15.3 1Password v. 7.9.6
iPad Air 1th Gen. OS 15.3 1Password v. 6.9.1

I sync my devices exclusively over my wifi network with the MBP as sync-server.
I sync all the time two vaults: primary vault and 2nd vault.
iPhone and iPad Air sync everytime successful with MBP

Expected iPad 5th Gen.

On iPad 5th Gen. the 2nd vault is empty ... but in the same vault on all other devices there are 42 objects.
After deleting the 2nd vault, I start syncing on the primary vault without success.
Then the 2nd vault is suddenly available again.
If I delete the 2nd vault on iPad (again) and exclude the secondary vault on the Mac from syncing, I can successfully sync the primary vault and the 2nd vault remains deleted on the iPad.
It seems like trying to restore the deleted 2nd vault to iPad in the next sync job, this 2nd vault breaks the full sync.

How can I sync both vaults successful on iPad 5th Gen. with MBP sync-server?

1Password Version: 7.9.6
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 10.13.6
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi @gerwin,

    Welcome to the 1Password Support Community. 😃

    I'm afraid this configuration is no longer supported (more info: 1Password 6 legacy support information & The future of local/standalone vaults. The only supported method for syncing 1Password data is using the 1Password service (1Password.com / .ca / .eu). That said, we'd be happy to help you get back on the happy path. For assistance moving forward please send an email to [email protected] and include a link to this forum thread (https://1password.community/discussion/131451/one-device-problem-with-sync#latest), so that you don't have to repeat yourself. Our migration team will be able to provide personalized assistance in moving forward.

    I hope that helps!


  • gerwingerwin
    Community Member

    If I interpret your answer correctly, 1Password has switched off the synchronization within its own WLAN with version 7.
    From the point of view of the CEO or his advisors, that was probably the only right step,

    • to keep and pay the employees
    • Extremely minimize the development effort
    • and of course to optimize/maximize profits.

    Centralize technology in order to be able to win new users independent of the OS?
    I would have been willing to pay for a subscription to support the staff in their work.
    However, I will personally say goodbye to 1password's new path of centralizing and outsourcing. My data definitely stays on my local storage media. Not a single piece of sensitive information leaves my own infrastructure.

    Full-bodied buzzwords such as "master password", "secret key" and "secure remote password" may reassure the majority of inexperienced (new) customers. But anyone who has to deal with hundreds of security aspects every day, like me, learns very quickly and very early on in this area: NOTHING is secure.
    This is especially true for data outside of your own infrastructure.

    I'll look around for another local solution. It may not work quite as elegantly and may be a little more vulnerable than 1password. However, after the change I can decide for myself about the risk of vulnerability of my data.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @gerwin:

    Thank you for your feedback. We have a white paper that goes into more detail on our encryption design: https://1passwordstatic.com/files/security/1password-white-paper.pdf

    If storing your passwords in the cloud is sincerely a dealbreaker for you, then 1Password may not be the best for you anymore. Stay safe out there when it comes to choosing a password storage solution, and we'll be here if you'd like to give us another chance in the future.


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