1Password beta on iOS/iPadOS

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Any advice on how to get on to the 1Password 8 beta for iOS and iPadOS? I’ve been trying for about a month by keeping the page open and refreshing it a few times a day, but nothing has worked.


  • @Edac

    We're currently at the maximum # of testers allowed by the TestFlight program. We are removing inactive testers periodically in order to free up spots, but those spots don't actually open up until the last build the person installed expires. This pushes out the timeline for getting new testers onboard significantly. We're evaluating how to best handle this going forward but as it stands I'm afraid we have no ability to add additional testers.

    tl;dr The best option I can suggest is to keep trying. I know that's not a helpful answer. My apologies for that. I wish I had something better to suggest.

  • Edac
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    Do you have an idea of when the next build will expire, so that I can be prepared?

  • ag_tommy
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    No, I am afraid I do not. It would be based on the build that the user last installed. My best suggestion at this time is to stay vigilant.

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