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Feeling pretty frustrated with this upgrade. I used to be able to press ctrl-\ (which I changed from the default ctrl-shift-) to open 1pw mini. In there was everything I needed; I could autofill a login to the current page, search the vault, generate a password, or open the full 1password app.

Now I have to go to different places for each of these. The browser extension has the ability to fill in the current page or search, but for some reason can't set the shortcut to ctrl-\, and it can't generate passwords or open the main app. I can set autofill to ctrl-\, but it's just autofill, no searching, creating new logins, generating, etc. I can open the full app, but it can't do anything with the browser, just create new logins (and awkwardly generate passwords by creating logins, ugh).

It also appears there's no way to get rid of the 1password logos on username/password fields. At one point those were considered a security risk since they can be spoofed by websites. Now there isn't even a way to turn them off.

How long will version 7 continue to be supported, and how do I revert to it? Thanks.

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  • pjotr1977pjotr1977
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    Download the latest version 7 here; uninstall version 8 first, then install version 7.

  • pjotr1977pjotr1977
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    After installation I immediately missed some features:

    • Type in Window option from the password dropdown; must have for remote desktop sessions where you can't copy paste;
    • Language of the app cannot be set manually;
    • Favorites is not filtered to my personal filters; now I see all the favorites of my colleagues (1password for teams) as well;

    Download the latest version 7 here; uninstall version 8 first, then install version 7.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

    Team Member

    Hello NathanT,

    Thanks for your feedback here. Quick access is the replacement 1Pw mini. By default this is opened with Ctrl + Shift + Space, but can be adjusted along with the three other shortcuts noted in the Setting (Ctrl + Coma) > General tab.

    With regard to your comments about the password generator, I've included those details in an alternate discussion here and I have included this request in the item we're tracking.

    ref: IDEA-I-298

    With regard to the credential fields in your browser, you can follow the below steps:
    1. Right-click on the 1Password icon located in the browser's toolbar, and select Settings.
    2. Under the heading AutoFill, turn off "Show autofill menu on field focus".

    On to the subject of reverting to 1Password 7 for Windows. @pjotr1977 is correct (thanks for the assist). I'd also recommend saving a copy of your Emergency Kit and recording your password on it, as needed. This way you'll always have access to your account credentials: Get to know your Emergency Kit

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

  • NathanTNathanT
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    I have already turned off Show autofill menu on field focus. It removed the menu, but doesn't remove the icon.

    Regarding Quick access, unlike 1pw mini it doesn't detect the website I'm on, and so can't be used to fill logins without having to search for them. As far as I can tell, it also can't open the main 1pw app like mini, and it can't generate passwords like mini.

    It appears the closest thing to the old mini is the browser extension interface. I've now worked around the fact that I can't set the keyboard shortcut I want by creating an AutoHotKey macro that detects whether I'm in Firefox, and fires the appropriate combo to open the 1pw extension if so, or Quick Access if not.

  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

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    Hello @NathanT, sorry for the delayed reply here.

    In order to remove the icon from the focused field, this can be done on a per page basis by right-clicking in the browser window, selecting 1Password - Password Manager > Hide on this page.

    Thanks for your additional feedback here about Quick Access. I've included these details for the team.

    Regarding your comment "it also can't open the main 1pw app like mini", can you tell us more about how you used this functionality and you would like to see this implemented in Quick Access. In the meantime, you can show the app with a global keyboard shortcut - Settings (Ctrl + Comma) > General > Keyboard Shortcut > Show 1Password. Does this help at all?

  • NathanTNathanT
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    Yeah, I know I can hide it page by page, but I'd like a way to just get rid of it entirely.

    Yes, I can open the main interface with a separate keyboard shortcut, but honestly I'd rather not have to memorize an additional one. I just found it convenient having a single shortcut to get me to anything I need to do with 1PW. Not a huge issue though; I can launch it from the system tray.

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