How about 2FA on this forum?

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As all forums and other websites are implementing the 2FA Security, and as you are a Security Vaults Provider, it's really strange to not be able to let us secure our forum account. Are you thinking about it?
Thanks a lot

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  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @cbeitel44:

    Great question. Last I heard, our forum software's support for two-factor authentication is only available for forum administrators, not regular users. For what it's worth, the 1Password Support Community is entirely separate from 1Password account data, and we don't discuss or share account specifics here.


  • cbeitel44cbeitel44
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    Hi, thanks for your reply... I just thought about the fact that the accounts were not linked, for security reasons. But it is still less logical that the forum account is not as secure and therefore does not offer 2FA. Hoping that it will also be possible for us soon!
    Thanks again.

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