How do I import by ios15.5 keychain passwords into 1password ?

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I have an iphone and ipad but no Mac. I use windows PCs. I have imported chrome and Edge passwords but I can't find instructions on how to bulk import all y keychain passwords. Clearly this is the whole point of using one multi platform Password program. I can't copy-paste 100's off logins/passwords.

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    Hi @WittiCrew:

    There currently isn't any way of exporting all of your iCloud Keychain passwords in a single go without a Mac device, but we do have a method that will let you import as you go.

    While it's possible to do this from both iPhone and iPad, the steps I'm sharing apply to the iPad. On your iPad, ensure that you've enabled 1Password for Safari and it's unlocked in Safari. In your iPad's Settings, ensure that iCloud Keychain is enabled and 1Password is disabled under Passwords > AutoFill Passwords.

    After setting everything up, navigate to a site you'd like to import into 1Password on your device. Tap the username field for the website. You should see a dropdown below the username, as well as the "Log in to" pop-up.


    When you see this pop-up, tap the keyboard icon in the bottom left hand corner, not the blue button. Tap the suggested password for the website in the QuickType bar, and authenticate to fill. This will fill your username and password into the website. Before tapping the Sign In or Login button for the website, tap "Save in 1Password". If you don't see "Save in 1Password", tap the 1Password icon in the username or password field, then tap "Save in 1Password". This will pop up 1Password in Safari and allow you to save your Login item into 1Password. Repeat these steps as needed for each website.

    Let me know how you get on with that.


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