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Face ID Not Working [Fixed. Please see the approved answer for details.]



  • smichelssmichels
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    Still no fix? Really?

  • anewnadiranewnadir
    Community Member

    Still no fix. I paid my annual invoice yesterday. I feel like a chump. (I signed up to make this comment and saved my password in apple keychain. Who would have the patience to type in their master password 3 times just to save a new login?)

  • CruncherCruncher
    Community Member

    Also here it it is not working for a long time now. I got it to work for 1 day when reinstalling 1PW8 on my iPhone. But I had to set all my settings new again.
    I really hope the new version will get released soon as the Beta is still full.

  • keitacannonkeitacannon
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    Running 1Password v8 on iOS 16.3 on iPhone 12 Pro Max and Face ID still not working. When is this expected to be fixed? I’ve already switched to NordPass but I would prefer 1Password but no Face ID unlock is definitely a deal breaker.

    1Password Version: 8.9.7
    Extension Version: Not Provided
    OS Version: iOS 16.3
    Browser:_ Not Provided
    Referrer: forum-search:Face ID

  • augustineongaugustineong
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    I recently performed a Reset All Settings on my iPhone with IOS 16.3.

    After the reset, the FaceID do not work with 1Password. Despite logging in with password the first round, subsequent logins with FaceID will always fail. iOS will show that the FaceID has occurred successfully with the Green Tick after recognising me. However, 1Password will give an error and still requires me to sign-in with password.

    I have tried to disable and enable FaceID in 1Password Security setting and in IOS Security setting. All do work.

    Anyone able to help?

  • Ronnie9583Ronnie9583
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    Same happened to me after a Reset All Settings on iOS 16.3.1. I have reverted back to 1 Password 7, where FaceID does work.

  • sole2000sole2000
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    Exact same thing happened to me. Even tried deleting and reinstalling the app as well as completely shutting down and rebooting my iPhone. No go.

  • FuryFeministFuryFeminist
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    Same here. Installed 1pasaword on a brand new iPhone 13 (iOS 16) and the face id broke immediately. On my old iPhone 6s (iOS 15), the touch id has no problem, though.

  • TimvanwTimvanw
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    Is there an eta on the fix? What kind of compensation can I expect for months of reduced functionality in the app?

  • CruncherCruncher
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    edited February 13

    Yeah, an ETA would be nice at least.

    EDIT: I was finally able to got a spot on the Testflight beta and was able to install Version 8.10. Here it is working fine. This is at least a workaround for me.

    It seems that there are still a few spots available if someone is interested: https://testflight.apple.com/join/fzDLkIVK

  • Frank_LouwersFrank_Louwers
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    beta full :(

  • trainguyjohnsontrainguyjohnson
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    Still no update released? This is ridiculous. Will we be getting refunds on our 1Password subscriptions?

  • manselmimanselmi
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    I understand that delays can and do happen, but I’m surprised by the infrequency and irregularity of status updates from 1Password support, given the impact of this issue.

    If the fix isn’t yet ready, fine, but I think it’s reasonable to update this thread at least once per week on what’s holding things up, and not just that the fix will be released “soon”.

    I may not pay for a business support contract but I’m still a paying customer.

  • Pifou69Pifou69
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    Today's release (version 8.10.0) seems to solve the problem

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    edited February 15

    1Password Approved Answer


    Hello folks,

    I have some very happy news to share: we've released a new update which fixes an issue with using Face ID to unlock 1Password on the iPhone and iPad. You can find complete release notes about version 8.10.0 on our website: 1Password Releases

    Your iPhone or iPad will update 1Password automatically if automatic updates are turned on; otherwise, open the App Store app to download the latest version.

    If you still have trouble using Face ID to unlock 1Password after updating then please let us know by creating a new thread so that we can investigate further.

    Thank you for everyone's patience and to everyone who sent in a diagnostics report to help our developers track down and resolve the issue. I'm sorry for the frustration that the issue caused and for the delay in getting a fix out to everyone. This is our biggest iOS update ever and includes not only bug fixes but new features like reordering fields and sections in items, the ability to set a default vault for saved items, and improved search. Read about these and more upcoming features on our blog! 😊


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