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I'm not sure it's the right place to place feedback or request feature but it seems like it,
and since I haven't found an official integration w/ vote system and stuff I'll post here.

Would it be possible for suggestion in browser, input auto-fill, to filter based on the actuals url configured in 1password ?

I have multiple entries for a single domain w/ multiple ports, after verifying the entries only include the url and the correct port for the service.
However when 1password provide suggestions, it doesn't even place the correct entry for the right port at the top position, but I have to scroll down 6 different password to find the right one.

I suppose the filtering is based on the hostname only, it should take into consideration what the user has entered in the entries.

Thanks for your time. If this work, I have might other suggestions : )

1Password Version: 8.9.4
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: 12.4
Browser:_ safari


  • Lifely
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    Alright, I took the time to do this right, and went and look it the community search instead of only google.

    Turns out there was at least two popular discussions:

    1. Add port number to URL filter for available logins - started 2018, latest updated refers to dev from 2017
    2. Exact URL matching + Port number matching filters for credential list - 2021

    It would be great to have some more information on the status of this then ? It it closed, Have you guys considered it for 1Password8 ?

  • ladywhiteadder
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    I second this ... would love to see this feature.

  • @Lifely @ladywhiteadder

    I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.

    Like it was mentioned above, we are aware that many of our users would like to have this feature implemented. We have an internal feature request that I will gladly add a vote to for each of you to increase the visibility for our product team. We would really love to provide much more control over advanced matching rules for auto filling, and it's something we're actively investigating. It's important for us to get this kind of advanced feature right. We do that by learning about different use cases. If you have any other thoughts about how you'd like this kind of feature to work please feel free to share. We are always happy to hear how we can improve 1Password. :)

  • flipswitchingmonkey
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    Please add my vote as well. It's pretty annoying, in particular while developing and this feature request has been going around for years now...

  • Hey @flipswitchingmonkey,

    Thanks for the feedback, I have passed it on to our product team.

  • Is there some sort of feedback from the PO? This has been requested for years now and tbh does not feel like a massive challenge to implement...?

  • Ok, never mind, looks like this is actually doing it now! https://support.1password.com/autofill-behavior/

  • @flipswitchingmonkey That’s right we released this feature earlier this year, let us know how you get on😊