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I hate the new interface

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Too many extra clicks. I'm a web designer with clients, and I'm dealing with your software all. day. long. You've introduced complexity for no reason. Change for the sake of change. When you come up with a new version, it will be a hard pass from me. I liked having just the password button. Seeing my logins initially in date order FREAKED ME OUT. Why would I want to see nearly 400 logins in date order??? I was finally able to find where to sort it by title. I liked my list of things in the sidebar. Now things are hidden behind sorting it different ways and clicking the plus sign to add a plethora of things. It worked fine the way it was. I strongly recommend password managers to my web clients and associates all the time. 1PW will not be one of them.

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  • trixiesirisheyestrixiesirisheyes
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    edited August 2022

    Do I really need to download a password generator? Sometimes I just need to generate a new password, not a whole new login!!! Passwords get changed in logins. That feature seems to be gone. What did you do??? Wait, I found it. What a convoluted process. Who signed off on that?

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    I too have bad reactions to the new interface, but not the same ones. I am a Mac user and newly 1Password 8.

    1) I just registered to join this forum to make this comment, and I just wasted five minutes trying to "confirm my email address" with the website saying it couldn't be confirmed, until @ try number 5 it said "your email doesn't need confirming". WTF ?

    2) WHY whenever I launch Firefox 1Password does the 'login' window need to be HUGE, blotting out most of my screen ? I've tried resizing it, but it doesn't remember and there doesn't seem to be a setting. And then, the actual 1Password data window is too small and cramped -- who thinks these are good choices ?

    3) HOW can I stop new 1Password hovering unwanted windows on top of everything in a web page I am trying to click on ? Is this the meaning of the 'Autofill -- Show autofill menu on field focus' setting ? WHY if they have to exist don't all these wretched little windows hover to one side ?

  • KirkvanKirkvan
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    edited August 2022

    I agree - the new 1Password 8 is "messy". As a 1Password user from way, way back and a Mac consultant who helps new users understand, install, configure and use a password manager, 1Password 8 is much too complex. A (very) few observations I'm grumpy about:
    1. Installing the 1Password browser plug-in has become too difficult. Finding the place to get to the install page in Preferences > Browser is too hidden. Please make it a menu bar option (again) which notices which browser you're in and takes you directly to the install for that browser.
    2. The setting to find the switch between "Favorites" and "All Items" in the browser extension is a cat-and-mouse game. Or is it whack-a-mole? Either way - much, much too much clicking to sleuth out that setting.
    3. And WTF is up with "Search in [vault name]??? I have 103 (!!!) iCloud logins in 1Password. When I search for "iCloud" I see 8 of them, until I click the "Show All Matching Items" button. No, please NO! When I search, please show me ALL matching results without requiring extra clicks!!!
    4. Sorting of Search results is... no idea (see screenshot below). How is that list sorted? Please allow me to change the sort order!

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    I've removed the image for your privacy.

  • evansrobevansrob
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    I also find the new interface a definite downgrade and share the concerns listed above. Way too complex and key features that made 1PW so easy to use are gone. I can't get the Safari extension to open, I can't open 1PW to automatically show my favorites, I can't find an autofill feature for a site I've opened directly and then decide I want to log into. This has been such a great app and I'm distressed to have it become so much harder to use.

  • pixyczpixycz
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    As an UX designer, I'm affraid 1Password team lacks in persona design. I'm pretty sure they work with a bunch of user scenarios, but there are many usecases they kind of ignore, creating a growing group of misfit users, disappointed with new features, new UI. I'm one of them as well, feeling like every new 1Pwd feature forces me in a way I don't want to be. I've loved 1Pwd for many many years, but they slowly pushed me to a point I'm seriously considering a switch to another product (maybe just Apple Keychain?), because every new 1Pwd version is less and less usable for me…

    tbh, version 8 is the very first in the row I can see some simplification process. So far, every update only added complexity and new complications. For me, simplification is the UX designer's rule of thumb (a design is not perfect if there is nothing more to add, but if there is nothing more to remove). So I hope this process will continue and I stay for version 9, we'll see.

  • Hi @evansrob:

    It sounds like you might be having trouble with 1Password for Safari. Have you downloaded it from the App Store and enabled it in Safari preferences?


    Thanks for your thoughts.


  • niuhf0452niuhf0452
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    The new UI is horrible!!!
    1) The quick access is not so quick. Why do I have to click twice to open the list? I don't want to remember the short key since I already have Alfred installed.
    2) The Chrome extension is not showing the details of saved credentials that doesn't match the current website. A restart of Chrome solves it. Is it a bug?
    3) Sometimes I just need to generate a password, but didn't find a quick way to do that.

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    The intrusive new "Save in 1 Password" button in the Chrome browser extension pokes its fingers right into fields where I'm trying to put the passwords, and makes it soooooo easy to accidentally resave potentially incorrect data. It even covered up the Captcha when trying to log into the 1Password Support Community. WHY does it need to be so intrusive??

    GONE is an easy way to generate a new password and to actually SEE what I’m doing. The 'quick' browser interface is so confusing to use that I just got kicked out of a platform for 30 minutes because I couldn't get the right password from 1Password to log in. I used to be able to see what I was looking for. Now it's like you want me to see only what YOU think I should see.

    It's no longer easy to generate a new password without clicking to a new screen I now have to remember how to get to. WHY???

    As a musician who's spent my life developing virtuosity on an instrument, I beg you - please stop changing the interface needlessly. When you do that, you undermine your USER’S facility, just like if some violin maker changed where the fingers should be placed on a violin. The value of consistency is that it allows the USER to improve, to become more fluent. Please don't take that away from us.

    Is there info somewhere about WHY you changed what you changed? Maybe if I understood the reasons it would help. Right now it's just needlessly frustrating. So much so that, after being a dedicated 1Password user for many, many years, I'm now considering what my other options might be.

  • clovenguthclovenguth
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    edited December 2022

    Very disappointed with the upgrade. An upgrade should never take what was once a 1-step process and make it 3+. I used to be able to go to the menu bar click the icon and right away type a search and get my password I need. Now even if I make "quick access" the first click, it's still a dumb pop-up that I have to move to, type my search then hit the three dots to expose the password and then copy. Seriously WHY? I've moved back to 7.

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