Automate self training mode


The biggest issue of complaints from my team of people is if you are in s site like EG capital one you go thru secondary for whatever reason and it pops up a request to save password inappropriately the floater pops up causing you to accidentally save now the last 4 of social it thinks is your password and locks you out. This should never happen and could be corrected with a reason page function, for user, not only that data trained can be verified added to overall functionality for pop sites like EG and create a standard roll for that secondary page preventing future users from having to deal with that headache of an issue.


  • mirothedj
    Community Member

    I noticed that there are options to fill these in , with new version but they are not obvious maybe when the popup asks you for your password there can be a option we can say or let the app know like hey thats not right whys it asking for password its asking me for pass code not pass word situation. And gives us options to correct in that window

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