Username, password, url as variables in the UI?

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found this old discussion from 2016.

I wonder the same thing. Are the fields in the GUI exposed as usable variables? say that I'd like to add an SSH URL to a server, it'd be REAL handy do do it on this form:

If I then update the user/pass and/or URL to this server my links would work without me having to edit them. And when I have multiple links to a host this would be really nice (ssh, www, ipmi and so on).

Also, when using a ssh://[email protected] URL it opens a new terminal window, is there any neat way to make it open a tab in current window?


1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 13.0
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hi @NEO_, apologies for the delay, thanks for taking the time to search earlier threads!

    I wish I had better news to share but unfortunately variables aren't currently supported in 1Password and we don't have any workarounds on our end to get SSH links to open in a new tab. 😞

    I can definitely see how this would be useful though and have filed a feature request on your behalf internally, including the previous thread you found.

    While I can't make any promises, if you're interested in seeing what changes are coming in the future, I recommend checking out the 1Password for Mac Beta Releases. Even if you don't use the beta itself, the release notes are a great way to see what's potentially coming to the production release.

    Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

    ref: IDEA-I-1892

  • NEO_NEO_
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    Thanks. I skimmed through the release notes but I couldn't see any mention of treating values in fields like variables. 🤔 Idea on how it could look and work could be taken apple's Automator. Obviously that is a bit old so there's probably more modern examples like this where inspiration can be taken from.

    Normally I don't have anything against beta's and i'm always on the dev beta of macos, ios etc... Not sure if there's any risks running all my passwords in an beta app though. Have to sleep on that one. =)

    Cheers and thanks

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