Any repository for 1P8-like icons?

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As happens to everyone, I have many item icons that have failed to fetch their own favicons, for various reasons or because generic passwords. Is there a repository (official or unofficial) where I can find similar icons to make my vault graphics more colorful and pleasing?

1Password Version: 8.9.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12.6
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Hi @vapre

    There isn't anything central I can point you to, in this case. As you mentioned, 1Password will fetch rich icons if (but only if) it has them. You can add your own icons to an item by clicking Edit, then the 🔽 down arrow under the icon, then "Choose new icon..." which will let you pick a file from your computer.

    1Password can also use .ico files, although most websites only provide a favicon sized 48×48, so this can look a bit pixelated – it'll depend on the design of the icon more than anything else.

    To get a website's favicon, add /favicon.ico to the end of the domain, such as Then you can drag the favicon to the Desktop or another folder to be able to add it to the 1Password item.

    If you find a suitable hi-res icon for a website, of at least 512×512, preferably in .png format, you can email it to us at including the domain name it belongs to, and we can look at adding it to the 1Password repository for rich icons.

    Hope that helps, but let me know if you need anything. :)

    — Grey

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