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Updated my series 4 watch today to a new one. No sign of 1password made the transfer I guess. Opening 1password on my MacBook and clicking 'Preferences' and then 'Security' and there is no sign of any setting for Apple Watch. 1password is not listed as an app to transfer to the watch.

This worked perfectly on my old watch.

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  • Hi there @jeffgbrock

    It seems like there might be two things happening here at once.

    Firstly, it sounds like you want to be able to unlock 1Password on your Mac with your Apple Watch. You can find setup instructions for this here: Use your Apple Watch to unlock 1Password on your Mac.

    Secondly, for the 1Password app on your Apple Watch, that comes from the paired iPhone. It hasn't been available in 1Password 8 for iPhone but it's now available in the TestFlight version of 1Password for iPhone: Join the 1Password 8 - Password Manager beta - TestFlight - Apple.

    After you've installed the TestFlight version, you'll be able to add 1Password to your Apple Watch.

    We're expecting the Apple Watch app to be included with the regular App Store version of 1Password for iPhone very soon, but we don't have a solid date to share at the moment. Keep an eye out for updates to 1Password on your iPhone and check the release notes for mention of it.

    1Password Releases

    If you have any questions or run into any trouble, please let me know. :)

    — Grey

  • As of today, 1Password 8 for Apple Watch is available:

    Announcing 1Password 8 for Apple Watch ⌚️



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