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i hope i'm missing something, but it seems that on the Mac app there is not an easy way to generate a random password on-the-fly.
I searched on the App in all places but i didn't find an option, the only way is to create a new element, but i simply need to generate a password...

This is really strange on a Password management App, don't you think?

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.9.4
Extension Version: 80904044, sul canale PRODUCTION
OS Version: Mac OS Monterey
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Hi there @bdalia

    You're quite right – if you want to make a new password in the main 1Password app, you can click "+ New Item" then Password. You'll need to Save the Password item before you'll be able to copy it. The reason for that is we don't want to have a situation where you've generated a password and then can't find it.

    If you want something more "single-use", you can generate a password in 1Password in the browser:


    Then, you'll be able to Copy the generated password right away, and find a history of generated passwords at the bottom:


    Give those a try and let me know how you get on. :)

    — Grey

  • bdalia
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    I was aware of this feature on the browser plugin. But this tip is unuseful if you need that feature when you cannot use the browser.

    Especially in "mobile" situations there is the same issue and is really frustrating... I really do not understand why to not implement exactly the same feature present in the browser plug-in (also with the generated pwd history).

    Anyway thank you Grey for your reply.
    Kind regards.

  • jeffdial
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    Thought I could switch from LastPass to 1Password, but without a password generator that is easy to access. I don't see that happening.

    Please add a password generator to the left side bar and I'll look at coming back.
    Also, please in the left column add a filter that you can click on the show. Any passwords or items that are not tagged.
    PS this is for the Mac version I would like this as well as iOS version Chrome browser plug-in.
    Thank you

  • @bdalia,

    Thanks for this additional feedback and clarification. If you're open to sharing, I'd be interested in knowing more about your use cases for generating passwords outside of the browser or creating new items in the app. Context and examples help us best advocate for these features in the future. Your input's been recorded to our internal tracker either way. 🙂


    Thanks for your feedback as well, if there's any additional information you're able to share about your use case for generating passwords disconnected from item creation/editing, I'm happy to share that with the rest of the team.

    We also have an open feature request regarding an easy way to view untagged items, so I'll add your voice to that. I'd welcome this addition myself! In the meantime, you can view untagged items by searching =untagged in the searchbar of the 1Password 8 Mac app. Give that a try and let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!

    ref: IDEA-I-298
    ref: IDEA-I-326

  • bdalia
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    Hi @andrew.l_1P, this is a need strictly connected with mobile/hurry situations (no access to desktop):

    • I need this feature each time i'm doing a user registration. Often may happen that i was in hurry situation and need simply to create a password to catch in a second moment, when i have time to insert a new entry into 1password.

    • Moreover, sometime it happens in external context that i must choose a pwd for my friends/family members, pwd that i normally store in a second time in a 1pass record.

    This is why it would be very useful to have a pwd-generator like the one provided by the browser extension.

    Kind regards.

  • kleks
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    Hi @andrew.l_1P Another user case is in applications - as @bdalia saud, mostly mobile, where browser is not in use. Using different apps for Airlines, banks, fitness sides - they each want a credentials combo, so an option to create password/copy to clipboard would be great.
    On desktop, I am using a bunch of VM (vmware, docker); some of the OS need a decent password; setting single use instances with unique passwords is a good idea :-). Next, when accessing remote - sometimes headless machines - a quick way to create and copy password to clipboard would be a great help.

    BTW, I am another migrant from LP; so far quite happy with the process.
    Best regards,

  • @bdalia and @kleks,

    Thank you both for this detailed feedback and your kind words! I'll share these internally so they can help inform our product team in the future. I can't make any promises but if you're keen to see what changes are on their way to 1Password, I recommend the 1Password for Mac Beta Release Notes.

    Let me know if you have any questions and thank you again. 😊

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