False instruction to enable third party integrations

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After rebooting my Mac, I consistently get a 1Password error message, to the effect that "3rd party integration is disabled in 1Paswword. To enable Launchbar to access 1Password data, go to 1Password > preferences > advanced > enable third party integration."

But there is no such option in the advanced tab of 1P preferences.

Please advise!

1Password Version: 1Password for Mac 8.9.4 80904044, on PRODUCTION c
Extension Version: 2.3.8
OS Version: Mac OS 12.6
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Hey there @persona

    We are aware of this happening to users of LaunchBar. It seems that LaunchBar's developers haven't switched over to using 1Password 8's new integration system, so it will warn you when you start up.

    For now, I can only suggest removing 1Password from LaunchBar's preferences until their developers start using 1Password 8's new integration system. With Quick Access, you may not even need LaunchBar to be able to search 1Password:

    Get to know Quick Access

    If you have any questions or would like any other help, do let me know. :)

    — Grey

  • persona
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    Thanks, Grey

    Do you know if LaunchBar are aware of this issue?

    I'll see how quickly I can develop the habit of using Quick Access - I like it!

  • @persona

    LaunchBar's developers don't seem to have mentioned 1Password 8 on their website anywhere I can find, so if they are aware of it, they haven't said so in an obviously public place just yet. As their customer, you should be able to contact their support team to see what the situation is.

    That said, Quick Access will likely be a solid replacement for LaunchBar, and I'm glad to hear you like it so far! If you have any questions about how to use it or anything else 1Password-related, please do let us know and we'll be able to help out. :)

  • Ptujec
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    Hi! I just wanted to let you guys know that I built a LaunchBar action that works with 1Password 8.


  • @Ptujec

    Thank you for sharing your efforts with the community! I’m sure that a lot of folks who are fans of both LaunchBar and 1Password will find what you’ve created useful. As always, I urge everyone to use caution when using unofficial integrations with 1Password as they haven’t been thoroughly reviewed, tested, or audited by our team and are not supported.


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