Problems with adding generated passwords.

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I'm have a few issues. This is occurring in chrome, vivaldi, firefox and edge. When I create a new account on a website and I get to the password field, 1passord pops up with a generated password to use. When I go to click to use it nothing happens. If I open the extension and go to generate I'm unable to fill, again I click and nothing happens. So, I copy the generated password into "create a new login" on the desktop app along with my username and website address it does not show up in the extension for about 30 minutes. Like a failure to sync.
This has been happening for a few weeks now hoping to see if an update fixes it.
This maybe an issue on my side since it happens on every site I try and all my browsers but have no idea where to begin.
Extension 2.4.7
Desktop app 8.9.5
Thanks for your help.

1Password Version: 1password for families
Extension Version: 2.4.7
OS Version: windows 11 pro
Browser:_ Not Provided


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