What is point of 2-week manual master password entry requirement?

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All this policy does is force me to use a shorter and less complex master password, because it's too difficult to type out a long/secure password on a phone But if I only had to do it once in a blue moon and could use Face ID all the time, then I could use a longer and more complex password.

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  • Jim Prevo
    Jim Prevo
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    I have mine set to 30 days, but 1Password8 for iOS, fails Face ID very frequently and asks me for my master password all day long. It is extremely annoying.

  • jsinglestein
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    I think they are trying to keep people from forgetting their master password.

  • Hello @PasswordSchmassword! 👋

    The latest versions of 1Password 8 for iOS allows you to change how often the account password is required. Follow these steps:

    1. Open and unlock 1Password 8 on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Tap on the account icon in the upper left corner and then tap Settings.
    3. Tap Security.
    4. Change "Require password" to the desired value.

    I hope that helps! 🙂


  • 30 days is better than 14! Intellectual curiosity - why is Face ID only secure for 30 days?

  • @PasswordSchmassword

    Can you clarify your question a little further? You can choose to require your account password every 2 weeks, every 30 days, or never at all. It depends on your personal preference.

    When 1Password 8 was first released we only included the 2 weeks option in order to gently nudge users to use their account password regularly so that they didn't forget it. We've seen incidents in the past where users have chosen the "never" option, not used their account password for months, and then were locked out of their 1Password account due to having forgotten their password after moving to a new device. With the latest updates to 1Password 8 we've returned the choice of how often an account password is required back to the user, however I would still recommend either the 2 week or 30 day option (on at least one of your devices) so that you're regularly using, and remembering, your account password.


  • kmkoni
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    Surely you could just have a warning message when the user selects never, or place it in Advanced options? I assure you that I will not forget it!

  • @kmkoni

    I'm not sure I follow. That's how it works in the app today. Could you please elaborate?


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