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I searched the forum but it seems that it's just me to have this problem: many web sites ask for a password "containing letters and at least one capitol letter, one digit and one special character". Now, when I ask 1Password to give me a good password, I don't see where I can tell to insert at least a number. And if I try to write my own password, the iOS keyboard turn into a full digit one, as to insert a PIN. So no way to fulfil the requirements (letters, capitol letters, digits and special chars). I wasn't able to insert such a password in the iOS app. I had to turn to the MacOs app: in that case this is possible (the keyboard is always available :-)
How can I obtain such thing? If not, could you think to insert this possibility in a next version? There are many web site out there asking such password kind.


1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 15
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • mirv
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    +1 on this request. What I've done in this case is have 1Password generate a password without any numbers and then I manually edit to add the required number of numbers. :)

  • Hi both.

    You can add numbers (and/or symbols) to generated passwords by changing the recipe in the password generator, both in 1Password itself, and in 1Password for Safari.

    Change the password type to "Random", and adjust the slider to change the length of the password to be generated, then turn on numbers or symbols using the switches below. Here's what that looks like in both cases:


    ☝️ In the main 1Password app's password generator


    ☝️ In 1Password for Safari

    Give that a try and let me know how things go. :)

    — Grey

  • inerziam
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    Thanks GreyM1P,
    I tried this and it works. Almost nearly... because I would want "easy to remember" password with these rules (capital letter, symbol and numbers): this because sometimes I had to use the password in a pc not related to my account: in this case "easy to remember" is easier...
    Anyway, I found something strange: I was changing the password in a card that is (very) old, probably saved with 1Password 6 or before. And when I go to manually write the new password, the keyboard changes to numbers only, not allowing me to write letters or symbols. But now, just to test you suggestion, I did the same thing on another, newer, card: in this case the keyboard doesn't change, allowing me to write what I want (symbols, numbers, letters). Then I tried to create a new card and again I was able to write everything. Maybe the problem was related to an older kind of password?

    Anyway, I'd be glad if a new password type (easy to remember, with capital letters, digits and symbol) will be inserted in the automatic creation!


  • @inerziam – You can generate Memorable passwords which contain numbers and symbols too! Change the password type to Memorable, and the separator to "numbers" or "numbers and symbols". You can also turn "Capitalize" on or off. This is how it looks in use:


    As far as the item in question is concerned, I'd love to see more about this so that I can help. Could you send an email to [email protected], including a link to so that we can look into it a bit deeper? You'll get a reply from BitBot, which will contain a conversation number, which looks like [#ABC-12345-123] – let me know what it is, and I'll be able to find your message. Hope to hear from you.

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