1P not synching in our shared family 'account'

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Hi 1P,
My wife and I both have 1P8 on new iphone 14pros. I had set up family sharing a while ago so that we would both have access to the same 'database' of 1P logins etc. I didn't want to have a login that she couldn't see and use on her phone and vice versa.

I assumed that anything entered into anyone's 1P would automatically be "synched" across all of our devices but this doesn't seem to happen.

EG, just a few days ago I did a new TV channel subscription and the login details appear in my 1P. But when she downloaded the TV app to her phone and tried to login, her 1P said that there was no entry for this TV channel, even though the login details appear in my 1P.

Am I missing a step here or have a 'setting' wrong?

any help or advice much appreciated


1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: IOS and OSX latest
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Hello @PDarb! 👋

    By default, there are two types of vaults in a 1Password Families membership:

    1. A Private vault: each family member has their own private vault and only they can see what's inside of that vault.
    2. A Shared vault: items placed in the Shared vault can be seen by all family members.

    Your wife won't be able to see the items stored in your Private vault, nor will you see the items in her Private vault. Any items that you'd like to share you can move to the Shared vault: Share passwords with your family

    Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂


  • williakzwilliakz
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    I still don't get the default Shared vault and its universal (within the "family") read/write access when it's so simple to set up vaults with individualized sharing properties to either replicate Shared functionality or refine it to better fit real-life family needs. For example, I have some elderly family members who find 1P use difficult and confusing (but a vast improvement over misplaced passwords and account lockouts!). I can just imagine the chaos should they be able or directed to change their access info (eg. "Update 1Password" prompts). Placing their login info into read-only vaults only they can see but the Family Organizer can change as and when needed seems a much better way to operate.

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

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    Thank you for the feedback! The default Shared vault is the only vault that every family member automatically has access to. This differs from other shared vaults that you may create where access has to be deliberately granted to each family member.

    If you'd prefer, you can permanently deleted the default Shared vault (after making sure that you've moved any files that you'd like to keep into another vault), create a new shared vault, and configure it so that family members only have the Allow Viewing (read only) permission to that vault: Create and share vaults

    I can just imagine the chaos should they be able or directed to change their access info (eg. "Update 1Password" prompts).

    Can you tell me a little more about this scenario? Is this something that a family member of yours has run into? 1Password should only prompt you to update your password if you're on a website's change password page or if Watchtower has detected a compromised website or weak password. Are you seeing password update prompts somewhere else?

    I look forward to hearing from you. 🙂


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