Muti-Licensing with different users profiles/login on same PC accessing different 1password Sync

License Question:
My Boss: has 1 windows Notebook (Home) and 1 Windows Desktop (Work)
Bosses Wife: has 1 Windows Notebook & one Mac at (home), and 1 Windows Desktop (Work)
They want to have only one database so all 5 devices share the same passwords and sync via dropbox.
So based off that, I’m trying to understand what licenses to purchase for them.
Would that be 2 windows licenses and 1 mac license, or a family pack and that covers all PC's and the mac?

Scenario Sync Question:
Myself (Wayne) use 1Password for Mac at home and on my iPhone, I sync via dropbox.
The challenge is I use the bosses wife Windows PC at work 50% of the time. I have my own user profile/login for windows 7. IF we install 1 password and they sync through dropbox all my bosses PC’s and Mac. Is it possible I can log into my user profile/login on the Windows PC and sync with my home Mac and IPhone without affecting my bosses database? Can different users profiles with different login for Windows be able to sync to their own accounts with one license? When she logs in she should have her 1password database and when I log in to my profile I want to use my 1password database.
Thank you,

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