Where did generate random password go?

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There used to be a way in prior versions to right click 1Password on the tray icon and then select "Generate random password".

This no longer seems to exist.

Is there a way to bring it back?

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 11
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Ekalb
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    This does not currently exist in version 8.
    You can, however, generate a new password in the Windows version when you create a new entry by clicking in the password field.
    A password generator also exists from the browser extension.
    See this other thread: : https://1password.community/discussion/125988/where-is-the-password-generator
    See also : https://support.1password.com/generate-website-password/

  • rocinante
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    The designers at 1Password must get paid to move stuff around, hide commands in non-intuitive places, be inconsistent with the UI, and sometimes (just for fun) remove features. So frustrating.

  • Hi folks - thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry for any frustration this has caused you.

    @mattnet1 / @rocinante:

    As noted by @Ekalb (thanks), the password generator is available in 1Password in the browser by creating a custom password or within the workflow when changing your password in the 1Password apps (Step 3).

    While I can't make any promises about an item-independent password generator, I've included votes for each of you in the feature request we're tracking. 👍

    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • mattnet1
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    So generating a new password when filling out a form doesn’t always work. Proof? Me. Over 1000 logins in 1pass and using 1pass for years. There are times 1pass does not recognize the form field as a new password field. I’d say 15% of the time or so.

    It’s good it actually exists in the browser extension menu, however there are many times we wouldn’t be in the browser itself (Server logins, application logins, etc) which is where generating a pass from tray icon is preferred.

  • mattnet1
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  • Hello @mattnet1,

    We appreciate the additional feedback. I've passed this along to the Product team so they are aware of these concerns.

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