Where is the password generator?

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The password generator used to have a right click option on the 1Password notification tray icon. This was useful as an IT admin having to constantly generate passwords fast.

I am not sure why it got removed from this right click one and I can't seem to find it in a quick manner inside the app itself either - only the web page https://1password.com/landing/password-generator/

_1Password Version:8.5.0-57
_Extension Version:Not working
_OS Version:Windows 10 21H2



  • Hi @En1:

    Thanks for asking! Currently the way to generate a new password would be through creating a new Password item in the 1Password app. I can definitely see how being able to quickly generate a password would be useful however, and I've added your input to an existing feature request we have on this.

    In the meantime, an alternative option would be to use the password generator in your browser:

    1. Click on the 1Password extension icon in your browser.
    2. Click on the Password Generator (Key Icon).
    3. Change the Type from Smart Password to Random Password.
    4. Adjust the password parameters to suit your needs.

    Let me know how you get on with that!


    ref: dev/projects/customer-feature-requests#804

  • En1
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    Unfortunately between this and Duo not working with 1Password 8, I have been forced to go back to version 7 for now. Hopefully the feature is released once Duo works well with version 8.

  • Hi @En1, I'm sorry to learn of these troubles. As Jack mentioned, we've passed on your feedback about the password generator.

    Also, to follow up - my understanding is that the Duo issue has now been fixed. Are you continuing to encounter problems related to that? I'll be happy to look into it for you if so. 🙂

  • En1
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    I can only see the fix in https://releases.1password.com/windows/beta/ beta?

  • Hi @En1:

    We have resolved the issue with being unable to add Duo-protected accounts to 1Password 8 for Windows with a server-side update on the 16th of December. If you're still running into issues adding a Duo-protected account to 1Password 8 for Windows, we'd be happy to dig into it further with you!


  • Philipbm
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    Why was the password generator removed from the notification tray icon in Windows? Please please bring back the password generator option on right click of the 1Password notification tray icon. We all require passwords for many places/purposes that have nothing to do with web sites/browsing. It is totally unnecessary to have to open a web browser to get to the 1Password plugin/extension in order to create a number of passwords. Such a hassle.

  • Hi @Philipbm, thank you for letting us know that you'd like to have the password generator in Quick Access. I have submitted a vote on your behalf for our existing feature request on the issue. We appreciate your feedback!

    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • mwade
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    Having the password generator in the tray icon is the reason I'm staying on the older version. I use that function often.

  • Thanks for this feedback, @mwade. I have submitted a vote on your behalf as well, and hope that future updates to 1Password 8 will meet with your approval.

  • LoopVogel
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    I sincerely do not understand why features have been removed from v8. I too used the password generator feature a lot. Ironically today I created my 1Password Support Community account for the first time and when it asked for a password was when I realised this feature was missing. (ironic?) I understand the feature still exists if you create a new login (and the addition of a 'memorable' password is welcomed since I would often have to go to an external website for these) but when I'm creating a new account it's simply not convenient to have to first create this in 1Password just to be able to access the password generator facility.

  • lumarel
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    Hi everybody!
    I held back on v8 for a long time on Windows but made another try now.

    That the password generator in the client is missing makes it a very painful experience, especially for cases where the Browser is not already opened (yes this still occurs) or the password gen from the browser extension is unable to copy the password to the global clipboard, for usecases like copying the password to another RDP session.

    Right now I settled on opening the full client, creating a new password item, creating a new password in there, copying the password.
    This is a very lengthy process, which lets any performance and usability improvements which were done back in v7 look like a joke.

    I hope there will be an easier solution to that in the future 🙂

  • NathanT
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    What is with this trend of releasing a half-baked, Electron-based "upgrade" to an already working app? Evernote and 1password are two apps I rely on heavily, with ingrained workflows, and both have gone down this road.

  • Hi folks, thanks for your feedback about the password generator, in app.

    I can't make any promises about when or if the password generator will make a return in a similar form as 1Password 7, but I've added your thoughts to the item we're tracking internally.

    Currently, using the password generator in 1Password in the browser is the best solution: Create a custom password

    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • brianglett
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    Just moved to v8 and very disappointed to see no password generator. The development assumption that password generation is expressly linked to creation of a new item is faulty logic and inherently flawed. Many use cases exist for needing to do password generation outside of a created and maintained item. Please add the functionality back to the Windows app. If you're at a loss for how to invoke it, simply add a line for it in the "3-dots" root menu.

    Here is what is required for Jack's earlier suggestion to use the app:
    1. Click new item
    2. Select a new item type
    3. Move to the password field
    4. Click on create new password
    5. Accept and/or modify the password-generation parameters
    6. Select the generated password
    7. Copy the generated password
    8. Try to close the "temporary" new item
    9. Validate with 1P to discard changes (yet another click)

    Should require only 1/3 of those steps at most

  • paxmundi
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    I also miss the frequently used password generator in the notification area and I appreciate if it comes back soon.
    I wonder why one would spend extra working hours to remove a perfectly working feature. Using the browser addon or switching back to v7 are inconvenient for me.

  • LoopVogel
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    Possible examples of legitimate reasons to use the password generator outside of creating a new login:

    • When you need to change a password for an existing login.
    • When a new accounts' password policy is not clear. (requiring you to recreate many new passwords until you figure out what it is!)

    Also, am I missing something or has the tickbox for ambiguous characters been removed?

  • Hello again folks, thanks for the additional feedback letting us know that you'd like to see the password generator appear back in-app in a manner other than through editing an item. As previously noted, the current best use of this feature is by using the password generator in 1Password in the browser. @brianglett, and @paxmundi, I've added you votes.

    ref: IDEA-I-298

    @Loopvogel, we appreciate the additional examples provided.

    Also, am I missing something or has the tickbox for ambiguous characters been removed?

    The option to Allow ambiguous characters is not available in 1Password 8 or 1Password in the browser. Are you running into a specific issue where a return of this option would help? Can you please provide some additional details and we'd be happy to pass your feedback along to the team. Thanks!

  • k121
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    Hi, any progress on bringing back password generator ?

  • Hello @k121,

    Thanks for chiming in here with your interest in seeing the password generator making a return to the app. We have no updates to provide, but I have included a +1 for you letting the product team know this is something you'd like see. 👍

  • LoopVogel
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    Ambiguous characters:

    Oracle databases baulk at passwords containing the 'at' symbol (@).
    Linux shells baulk at passwords containing the 'dollar' symbol ($). [I think, if not Linux, someplace else that I've encountered]

    I've certainly experienced issues with some symbols in a password entered via certain websites.

  • MrC
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    Just an FYI: The shells don't care about what characters are in your passwords. Rather, each shell has a set of meta-characters that must be properly escaped / quoted to protect them from being interpreted by the shell. Other characters that would be problematic without proper quoting, would be semicolon, dollar sign, single-, double-, or back-quote, vertical bar (pipe), and possibly asterisk and a few others depending on context. Proper quoting is up to any script writer interpreting user or program input and using it in such a way that the shell is interpreting such data.

  • JRGjesager
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    I'm also really missing the 'generate password' in all context (right click) menus - both in the browser and in the app.

  • Thanks for your message, @JRGjesager. I've cast a vote on your behalf letting the team know that you're missing the password generator in app.

    With regard to this feature in 1Password in the browser, the password generator is available by following the steps in this guide: Create a custom password.

    I hope that helps!

    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • bjkeefe
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    Let me add my voice of disappointment about the disappearance of the password generator. I'm sorry, but I don't want to add something to my browser to do this. I just want what the previous version had: an option that was accessible via right-clicking the icon in the System Tray (Windows, obvs).

    Besides creating a new account, another reason I might want to generate a new password is because 1Password is telling me a site has been compromised. [See UPDATE below]

    This shouldn't be hard. I shouldn't have to jump through hoops. You already had the functionality. Please bring it back.

    Thank you.

    [UPDATE] I now see that I can generate a new password for an existing Login item by (1) visiting that item, (2) clicking Edit, (3) clicking in the password field, and (4) clicking Create New Password in the pop-up that appears.

    I also noticed that I can more generally generate a new password by (1) clicking the three dots in the upper left corner, (2) Clicking New Item, (3) clicking Password, (4) clicking in the Password field, (5) clicking Create New Password in the pop-up that appears. After clicking the "Use" button, I can then copy that new generated password, and paste it where I need it. So, not as bad as I thought it was initially, but I still hope you'll bring back the option in the menu associated with the System Tray icon.

    Thanks again.

  • Hey @bjkeefe, thank you for your feedback. I'm glad to hear you've identified a way to generate a password within 1Password 8. I certainly understand this may not be ideal and I've added your voice to the internal request to bring back the item-independent password generator.


    ref: IDEA-I-298

  • bjkeefe
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    @AliH1P Thanks for noticing my comment, and for your reply.

    I just noticed that I have two (previous) comments in this thread. I thought I was editing the original one, in place, so to speak, but I guess not. Sorry about that. If you or another moderator of the forum wants to delete the earlier one, that's fine with me.

  • Thanks for your reply and bringing this to our attention, @bjkeefe. I've removed the earlier, duplicate comment.

    Have a great day!

  • bjkeefe
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    Thanks, @ag_mike_d.

  • You're welcome, @bjkeefe. 😀

  • zulin
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    Imagine moving to 1password from LastPass (where this feature was even available RIGHT FROM the input field menu) having a brief moment using v7 where this feature was even weaker than in LastPass and then upgrading to v8 where it was REMOVED completely. I'll see how long I can live with this (before moving to bitwarden) but this if extremely disappointing. And I had to pay for this ...
    Is this the price for the new UI (can't say it's better)?