Watchtower showing vulnerabilities only on Linux Client

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Hello, I recently installed the 1password client on all my devices and changed my passwords to a random password suggested by 1password. But when I opened the 1password client on my desktop with Ubuntu I noticed that Watchtower was showing these new passwords as vulnerables.

Also, I noticed that these vulnerabilities were not being displayed in the watchtower on my mac. I also checked and the clients on these devices are on the same version.

Should I be concerned about the vulnerabilities pointed out?

Thanks for any help

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: 2.4.3
OS Version: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and MacOS 12.6
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Hello @caiozucoli! 👋

    I'm sorry that you're not seeing the same Watchtower warning on both of your devices. In 1Password 8 on your Mac, can you make sure that the following option is enabled:

    1. Open and unlock 1Password for Mac.
    2. Click on 1Password next to the  in the menu bar.
    3. Click on Preferences.
    4. Click on Privacy.
    5. Make sure that "Check for vulnerable passwords" is enabled.
    6. Lock and then unlock 1Password.

    You can read more about this feature here: About Watchtower privacy in 1Password

    If these steps don't work then let me know and I would be happy to help further. 🙂


  • caiozucoli
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    Hello Dave, thanks for your reply.

    I check the option you mentioned and the vulnerabilities now are appearing in my mac too. But the quantities are different, in linux it shows me 67 and in mac 57.

    Also, on linux I notice that some passwords that are vulnerables are some of those new passwords I set using 1password generator as I mentioned before.

  • caiozucoli
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    I manually check one of these passwords appearing as a vulnerability in linux on and it shows me "Good news - no pwnage found!"

  • @caiozucoli

    How do your two computers compare to what you see in the Watchtower tab on Also run the Breach Report on to see what its results are. I'm keen to see if one of your computers is reporting a different number. Let me know what you find out. :)

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