Feature Request - Provide password generator when creating a new web account

When I signed up to this forum, I needed to create an account as I'm a first-time user. When I clicked on Sign-Up, I was presented with a form to complete my registration. After entering my email address, 1password prompted me to save this, I clicked on this, and it opened the web extension. However, when I clicked on the password field, there was no option to generate a password.

When I clicked on the password field in the form, I was offered a password generator.

I think this falls under UX and workflow. It can be confusing using the product when you get multiple prompts and these prompts do not intuitively make sense. Being new to 1password I'm sure I will learn the nuances of the product and after a while I will simply know what to do, however the first few interaction are a bit confusing IMHO.

1Password Version: 8.9.8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: windows 22H2
Browser:_ Edge (chrome)
Referrer: forum-search:Feature Request


  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @3rgon, you have a great point about the UX and workflow here. I will share your thoughts about this with our team. Please don't hesitate to reach out again if you need help or have any further feedback to share!

  • 3rgon3rgon
    Community Member

    Thanks again for your response, much appreciated.

  • Joy_1PJoy_1P

    Team Member

    @3rgon You're welcome!


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